My little flower is wilting

And we were doing so well too.

Toots is completely off her food and the naps that were a thing of the past are back again. In fact she slept this afternoon for two whole hours and probably would have slept longer only I woke her up, which of course led to a very grumpy four year old.

I can't blame her though, I have to admit the last few days all I've wanted to do is curl up in a ball and have a nap myself.

Toots has never really known heat like this. Summer last year and even the year before was relatively cool and before that she was only an ickle baby so those years don't really count.

I need to get my hands on a better sun screen too. On Tuesday when we went to Stormont Park I absolutely plastered the poor child in factor 50 every time I could get my hands on her and pin her to the grass for a few minutes. Seriously, the child was a funny shade of blue (cause the blue tinge doesn't magically disappear) and she was fuming because her hair kept sticking to face and even with all that she still managed to come home with a tan. A ha-uge no-no in my book for a four year old.

Any recommendations on a decent sun screen that doesn't turn my kid all the colours of the rainbow, actually works at, you know, screening the sun and if it comes in a spray bottle, properly works and comes out in a mist rather than just spitting and dribbling out globs of blue cream would be greatly appreciated.

And then after my little menu plan yesterday, the poor husband ended up having to work late and I couldn't face the thought of cooking anything so Toots and I had a bowl of weetabix for dinner. Her suggestion, not mine.

I think perhaps I need to treat Toots and I to some nice Summer clothes, something very light and floaty. Maybe that will perk us up.

Still there is a silver lining to all this sunshine. I get to tell everyone that I haven't bothered to clean the outside of my windows because they'll only go streaky in the sun.

Not sure how long that excuse will hold up, but I'll push it as far as it goes.


  1. I avoid coloured sun cream AT ALL COSTS!

    My dh bought some "in error" (!) the other day, and I made him take it back!

    My son seems allergic to most, but can use Ambre Solaire sensitive

  2. I don't know what brands of sunscreen you have, but I think 50 is as high an HPF we can get here. Shane uses 30 or higher because he's a fair-skinned redhead. I usually don't use any. Awful, I know. I do try to put some on Kat though, when I think to do so.

    There's a school of thought that believes the chemicals in most sunscreens are worse than not wearing it. Not sure what I think about that.

  3. We use air conditioning liberally when it's that hot. Yeah, it means they don't get outside, but also means they stay hydrated.


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