Happy Anniversary

Today is our Anniversary!

We've been married seven years today.

And I had to be reminded, just as I've had to be reminded about all our past anniversaries.

I'm sorry husband and Happy Anniversary.

You're happy again and smiling, which is great to see. You're having a much better time of it the last week or so which makes me much happier too.

It's not that anything has changed or anything has eased off, you're just learning to deal with it and learning to understand that in the great scheme of things anything that happens outside of these four walls falls way down near the bottom of the list of important things.

That's not to say that you don't want or need your job and career to be important to you, its just that if this one doesn't respect you for everything you are then maybe it isn't the one to pour your heart and soul into.

You're a great husband and a great dad. You give us everything we need and much more besides and for that we are grateful and love you and for that you should feel proud and because of that you should know that as a man you stand head and shoulders above anyone who feels the need to run you down or try to make you feel small.

You are a great husband and a great dad, but more importantly you are a great man.

Happy anniversary husband. We all love you, but then you knew that already.

Parenting 101

I just thought I'd pass on a little lesson learnt. Surely its enough for one person to learn from their mistakes and then pass on the wisdom.

Do not say or do ANYTHING in front of your children that you would not be happy for them to repeat!

Or maybe to put it a little differently, if your child is playing with lego on their bedroom floor while you merrily sketch the outline of her new fairy window overlooking pixie hollow on her bedroom wall and then you take yourself off downstairs to do some washing only to return later and find little replicas of said fairy window on every wall in the room do not ask her why she did it unless you want to hear "but you did it first".

You can't argue with it, you can't get upset with her and you just have to accept that it's all you fault!

Bits 'n' bobs 'n' organisational failures

We spent a good portion of this morning doing our big shop.

I try my best to plan ahead (to a certain extent) so that I can go and do one monster sized shop once every couple of months and then I just buy fresh in between those times. Usually my big shop starts off furthest away at the Asian supermarket for all my dried stuff and some ready made sauces, then to the scoop market for flours, yeast, dried fruit and nuts and then closer to home for the outdoor market where I'll get fish, eggs, and whatever fresh fruit and veg I need for the week or so ahead, then I tend to finish off at the butchers on the way home. It's a long haul but I enjoy it and more importantly Chloe enjoys it much more than a trip to the supermarket.

Sometimes we'll even have a treat and head over to Spice the Deli in Bangor for cheese and cured meats, not today though I'll maybe do that some day through the week by myself because the girls in the shop will let Chloe taste absolutely everything behind the counter and then I'm the one who has to deal with a four year old on porky overload.

I thought I'd be really organised this time around and try to sit down and plan out my meals a whole month in advance. I can manage a week easily, but let me tell you, a whole month is a completely different ball game. My admiration goes out to the people who can successfully plan a month ahead because I failed miserably.

Its the repetition! I mustn't notice it when I plan a week at a time and Robert and Chloe say they don't notice it either, but it really became apparent in trying to do a month that I'm stuck in a cooking rut. Then of course when I was making the list I tried arguing with myself and trying to include a lot more different meals which isn't necessary because my family have their favourites and there really isn't much point in trying to fix something that isn't broken, but I just couldn't help myself.

So the monthly plan was scrapped. In truth I couldn't even manage to get together the bare bones of a monthly plan.

I bought a few different things today that I don't often buy to force me to think of a few new meals around here so hopefully that will help. I have pork belly in the fridge and a big bowl of beans soaking so I'm going to do slow cooked baked beans tomorrow in the crockpot, I'll brown the pork belly really well and add it to the baked beans and just let it cook down and melt into the sauce for a richer, meatier dish for the winter. I should get about 8 portions out of that crockpot and I'll freeze them. Plus I bought a few other different cuts of meat and a pumpkin with plans to make two batches of soup, one pumpkin and coriander and the other pumpkin, ham and red lentil which should be a fair bit thicker.

I'm trying to cut down on the amount of waste around here. I've done pretty well with leftovers and just cooking a lot less so that food doesn't end up as leftovers, but there's still some wastage and I don't like it.

The main problem is lunches. I'll use whatever is handy for Chloe and I each day, but the problem is with Robert's lunch. The poor bloke is bored to tears with sandwiches regardless of the filling and he'll only eat salads and pasta salads during the Summer so that means that he's been having a craving for something else during the day, buying it for his lunch and the lunchbox arrives back home again still fully packed.

My imagination has deserted me here. He's stuck in that he is on the road all day and so he doesn't often have the option of heating something and I just haven't been able to find a food flask that grade anything higher than pathetic. They're just not up to the job of keeping food hot, or even anything close to remotely warm. I've tried all the tricks, filling them with boiling water first and heating the food so that it is actually still bubbling away as I pour it into the flask but still come lunchtime its cold again.

I'm at a dead loss here. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to pop in the hubbo's lunchbox to keep a smile on his face or even a suggestion of a good food flask.

I'm stumped friends, help a girl out.

Brave or Foolish?

In April of 2010 Rosie of Brave or Foolish will run the London Marathon. Rosie will run the grueling 26 miles in aid of The Miscarriage Association.

That's only seven short months to prepare. Seven short months to get ready for something she has never done before. Rosie isn't a marathon runner. Rosie has been bed bound and wheelchair bound due to a difficult pregnancy, although she's one of the lucky ones;

More importantly though, Rosie has seven short months left to raise the £1300 needed in order for her to run the London Marathon for The Miscarriage Association.

You can visit Rosie's sponsorship page at JustGiving.com to help her on her way.

Alternatively, or as well as, Veryan of Beady Pool has created this one of a kind bracelet;

This gorgeous bracelet is being auctioned on Ebay and you can go now and bid for a one of a kind bracelet for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

In addition to this, for the duration of the auction Beady Pool is also donating 10% of all purchases. All you need to do is just enter MARATHON at the PayPal checkout on the website or mention it in your email if buying direct. Veryan will honour the 10% of takings on both the website and also on her Folksy shop.

As will I.

My 302nd Post

Yup, I completely missed my 300th post. Bask in the awesomeness of my attention to detail!

It's been a bit busy round here for the last week or so. My mum arrived home from Tenerife on Friday which meant that I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday busily thinking about taking up the three pairs of trousers she left round to me before she went away.

I should probably do that today or tomorrow, maybe.

I'm trying to get the garden cleared and back into some kind of shape. I spent three days out there trimming and clipping and weeding and brushing and raking leaves and to look out there now, you wouldn't believe a word of it!

Bomb site springs to mind.

We spent yesterday afternoon at the Play Cafe for a birthday party and had a great yet very exhausting time. Robert actually came with me and stayed which was great because I thought he would just drop us off and collect us later so it was nice to just sit and watch Chloe off playing with her friends (and soul mate) while we sipped bad coffee and chatted with other full grown adults.

I also arrived home with 15 orders for butterfly hair bobbles to fill so it turned out to be a very good day. I'm pleased at the minute because I've finally found hair bobbles/elastics that I'm happy with.

Chloe's hair is the ultimate test of a hair bobble's anti-snagging claims and the first seven I tried failed miserably, two didn't even make it into her hair after I pulled the head of self trying to extract the damn things from my own hair, then another one which while fine in my dull as dishwater poker straight hair had to be cut from Chloe's hair so a few catastrophic failures along with way.

I've been wanting to add some little hair bobbles to the shop for a while but didn't want to until I managed to find something that would be very easy on a child's hair. We all know what they're like and even the slightest tug causes screams that will have the neighbours calling the police.

But I'm happy to say that even after a full day wearing one yesterday while dancing and running and crawling through ball pits and sliding down rather large slides head first, the bobble just slipped right out of her hair without incident. People, we are go for launch.

through that. Red meat can happily set up camp in my chest freezer for as long as it likes but chicken just doesn't do so well over a length of time so this week I'll just roll out the The menu plan is rather a dull one this week. I've checked the freezer and there's little or nothing in there apart from some fish and vast quantities of chicken so I need to work my wayusuals like fajitas, chicken casserole, barbecue chicken (there's a couple of packs of legs and wings out there), Cajun chicken or chili chicken on Saturday for the husband and a roast on Sunday, plus I have some fillets defrosting now in a marinade and I'll bake them later today for Robert's lunches this week which should eat up a fair chunk of the chicken and leave room for other lovely things.

I want to try and fit in a mini OAMC before going back to work, just a few things ready to go in the oven in case of poorly planned days. I mean there's bound to be more than a few while I get the hang of this going back to work lark. I'm going to be tired trying to work the new routine for the first week or so, I know that much.

I figure a few lasagnas, some chili with nukeable rice, french toast fingers for the mornings, bagged up porridge portions for yours truly and a batch or two of cookies in the freezer should help me keep the standard of good things to eat around here to begin with.

Help Fight Against Cancer

The very lovely Laura Cameron has got together with the Fabulous Folks at Folksy to set up a shop in aid of Cancer Research UK.

An avalanche of wonderful sellers on Folksy will be donating beautifully handmade items to the shop which will be up and running soon.

Cancer is a disease which runs very deeply in my family and the families of many others. These families will spend this coming Christmas mourning the departure of those close to them and also celebrating with those who have fought against and overcome this terrible disease.

So far I have donated two pairs of earrings to the Folksy Cancer Research UK Shop and plan to donate more just as soon as possible.

I would urge everyone who has been touched by Cancer to get in touch with Laura and donate what you can however small you think it may be. Even the smallest things can make a difference in the fight against Cancer and helping to support families affected by Cancer. You can get in touch with Laura via her shop on Folksy (which I've given the link to above).

To donate a product, all Laura will need from you is three square images of the item, the item price and a shop description, simple as that.

Laura is currently in the process of building the shop and will notify us of it's launch, we in turn will then spread the word of this wonderful opportunity to purchase items, perhaps as Christmas presents which will make a huge difference.

The best part is that all of the proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK. Each seller will cover all of their own material and P&P costs so you know that this really can make a difference.

I would ask everyone once again, if you can donate please, please do and once the shop is open please make it your first port of call for all your Christmas pressies this year. So many brilliant and talented designers are donating to the shop that there will be an amazing selection to choose from.

Thank you.

UPDATE - The Cancer Research Shop on Folksy is now open for business and filling up steadily with lovely items. Please head over and take a look and don't forget to check back often as new items will be added regularly.

The Rat Race

Well, it's official. After a record breakingly short interview consisting off "Is the 2nd good for you?" and "Aye, go on then!", I'll be heading back to work on 2 November. Although the interview was only marginally shorter than my previous record of about 2 minutes which consisted of "Is a window desk ok for you?" and "How much money do you want?".

I'm not saying that I'm good at my job, but I've built a bit of reputation over the years and recommendations from people like past Chief Executives of the Law Society of Northern Ireland don't do me any harm either. Still, I'm not complaining, I hate those interviews where you feel like you're being tested and have to justify your very existence. Thankfully only had one of those in all my years.

Not that being really good at your job serves you well in the UK, in fact it can do a hell of a lot to hold you back. My mum always used to spout little wisdom's like "If your boss had been any good at your job, he'd still be doing it". Funny at the time, but rather depressing once you think about it.

Even the poor husband is finally starting to realise in his industry that the good guys really do finish last. His problem is that he really is brilliant at his job and he's proud of his work, something that's hard to find these days. Have you ever heard your boss makes a wise ass comment about nobody being irreplaceable. Nobody ever made that comment about Robert, they know full well he's irreplaceable so unfortunately the powers that be will never wilfully put themselves in the awkward situation of having to replace him. Which means that because nobody else can manage to clean up as many OPMs (other people's mistakes) in any given day, the guys that regularly make the mistakes my husband spends him time fixing will be promoted past him just to get them off the tools.

I feel for him, I really do and because his reputation also precedes him it really wouldn't make any difference if he were to move to another company, they'd all want him to be the fixer.

But anyway, enough of the grumbling. I'm kind of glad I'll not be heading back to work straight away and waiting until the 2nd November means I have another blissful six or so weeks to myself to just kick back and relax.

Yeah, right!

Of course, now is the time that things are picking up, I'm currently working on six custom orders and I have a couple more on hold for December but I'll be starting those sooner rather than later to get a wiggle on. There's a possibility that one of my pieces may be featured in a magazine at the end of October and I figure it's probably a good idea to have at least one in stock rather than it be listed as custom made, although I may change my mind about that later depending on how hectic it gets around here.

But I'll still have all of those lovely school holidays away from work and home with the family to look forward to which for me is the most important thing.

No kids sent to childcare in this house, no sir!

Also I was very pleased to log into Folksy yesterday morning only to find that I'm a featured seller, so I'm very excited about that and just want to say a quick thank you to Anne for featuring me. In case you don't know, Anne is our extremely hard working and very irreplaceable admin over at Folksy.

Marching on

I'm sitting here, trying to adjust to the fact that it's not even 8pm, the curtains are closed and the lamps are lit. I could do with putting the heating on, but it isn't quite cold enough yet to force me up off my backside to go and do it.

Autumn has definitely arrived and Summer is fading fast. Don't get me wrong the last couple of days have been beautiful and today was a bit of a scorcher but it doesn't change the fact that Chloe and I crunched on the first fallen leaves on the way home from school today and I let her pick her first apple from the tree in the garden, although there are so few out there that this year she will pick them all. Her dad will even lift her to the very top of our (admittedly shortarsed) tree.

One of the reasons I love Autumn so much is days like these. It poured from the heavens on Monday and Tuesday and I was soaked through waiting for the courtyard gate to open at school on Tuesday, but because I'm in an Autumn mindset now I expect dodgy weather. It didn't disappoint or get me down whereas the last two days have been so beautiful, unexpectedly beautiful and warm that I can't help but be thankful and grateful for them. Its Autumn and sunshine and warmth isn't a promise, it's a gift.

I'm finally wrapping my head around this free time I have each day and slowly learning not to take it for granted, plus its only six weeks to half term so I'm glad to say I've been quite productive around the house lately.

It will soon be time to light the fire again, and I can't wait because I think my absolute favourite part of Autumn is that it means Winter is on the way. I can dig out my big scarves (not that I didn't replace them with much wispier versions during the Summer) and set about making my home cosy and inviting.

But as it is, Autumn's here and its our shortest season in the UK, Summer yawns on stretching its arms into September and before we know it the frost bites down hard so I plan on enjoying the few precious moments of true Autumn, for as long as it may last.

Must. Stop. Laughing

I really do have to stop watching those comedy shows because I hear something funny and I burst out laughing and because it's something that I probably shouldn't be laughing at I then feel obligated to do that silly "I'm offended and only laughing because I'm so shocked" laughing which really just means that I'm laughing with my hand over my mouth.

So either I should just stop watching and then I won't laugh, or I should just go right ahead and laugh hard anyway because damn it, it's funny!

Case in point...

Sean Locke - Comedy Central

"You know, they say a woman's work is never done......

and maybe that's why they get paid less...."

Get your hand away from your mouth, that there is funny.

Embrace your completely inappropriate sense of humour!

Menu Plan 7/9 to 13/9

I'm trying to stick to my plan this week. Last week saw everything shuffled around and chopped and changed so the plan was more of a suggestion really.

Yesterday was a complete wash and we ended up phoning out for food. I dropped Chloe at school and then ran around the town like a headless chicken for an hour before arriving home spending a bit of time glued to the laptop, I did a bit of cleaning and laundry and then rushed down to collect her from school again (those three hours go in fast!).

We came home and had a bit of lunch and I was just doing the dishes when I spotted the poor cat (that I hadn't been able to find all morning) huddled under a tree and soaking wet, so I ran out to bring her and get her dried off when I noticed something weird. A bald patch at the very base of her back just at her tail. I hadn't noticed it before and I assumed that when she's dry the hair above it is long enough to cover the patch, but because she was soaking wet I could see it a mile away.

So I Googled it.

And because Google never fails to return nothing but advice from The Party Pooper, The Bearer of Bad News and The Pessimist when faced with symptoms as search times, I thought stuff that and phoned Assisi instead.

They said it was probably nothing but that it should be checked just to be on the safe side and that because she wasn't my cat and I was just keeping an eye on her until someone (if anyone) claims her, I could bring her down to the centre and their vet would check her over.

Not my cat, eh? When I've ran out into torrential rain, waded through my very flooded back garden, suffered clawings just to get the poor thing dried off in case she would catch a cold and chased off varying sizes of much, much hissier cats than her. Not my cat! Oh but I beg to differ!!! Still free vet care you say...

Anyway, we took her to the centre and they checked for the obvious, fleas, ticks, skin conditions and said that she was clear of any on board inhabitants and infections. I started treating her with frontline a couple of months ago and mentioned that just in case but they said if it was an allergy then she would have symptoms on the back of her neck too as its the dosing site. She was grooming herself a lot during the examination and the vet asked if she does that a lot. She does actually, I've often commented to the husband that if nothing else she's a very clean cat. Well it turns out the cat is stressed.

Yup, stressed!

The vet said that during any big change, such as a new home a cat can remain anxious and stressed for up to a year before truly settling in. There were a couple of funerals in our immediate area right before the cat showed up and we have a suspicion that the owner of the cat has passed away and their relatives maybe don't know about the cat so its understandable really if that's the case then she's likely to have come from a very quiet home to this mad house.

So, the menu plan because I bet you're absolutely starving now after reading that lot!


Vegetable soup and crusty bread. I have a big pot of the stuff bubbling away in the kitchen and Chloe and i will make the bread when she comes home from school.


I picked up ribs yesterday morning when I was out and I'll just put them in the crockpot in the morning with barbecue sauce and stick a couple of big potatoes in the oven for bakers in the afternoon.


Fajitas. Easy peasy and I have everything in the house for them already and Chloe and I can make the flatbreads in the afternoon.


Snack night. I want to try and make pizza pockets. This will end in disaster I just know it will but Robert's disgusted that we can't buy the pizza toaster pockets here. I'll throw some mini sausage rolls and chicken dippers int he oven too so that we won't starve.


Fish of some description. I have trout and some cod in the freezer. I haven't really decided whether to just steam some fish along with potatoes and veg or make a fish pie with butter sauce and topped with mashed potatoes and cheese.


Cured ham (bought at the continental market) and mushroom risotto and as always Chloe and I will be having a poached egg on top. Robert still needs a bit more convincing that a poached egg on top makes any risotto a good risotto.


I made a cheapy chocolate cake yesterday just using my basic sponge recipe but subbing 25g of cocoa powder in place of the same weight of flour, I then sandwiched chocolate butter cream in between the two layers and Robert's away to work with a slab of it, on a plate, in his lunchbox. He'll tell me I'm weird for bothering with the plate and fork when he gets home but we're not animals for crying out loud.

Bread, obviously. I'll need two crusty bloomers and about 8-10 flatbreads depending on what size they come out.

Oat and Raisin cookies. I've been meaning to make these for a couple of weeks now and somehow still haven't got round to it.

There may or may not need to be another cake for later in the week, Robert's going in a training course with a colleague and I'm told he gets a grump on if Robert doesn't bring him cake so I'll make one for him to take to the course on the last day.

We're all made equal

Although some of us are a little more equal than others.

I've made no bones about it in the past, I'm a big girl. I'm never going to be the wispy, floaty girl in the flowery dress dances off through a meadow of daisies. Hell, if I tried that, I'd leave crop circles!

Although it has to be said that I do carry my weight well, the boobs still stick out further than the belly and my bum hasn't gone running off down the back of thighs just yet. I'm in proportion, is what I'm saying, big ass proportions, but still, in proportion.

After years of playing hockey, football and rugby I've also been blessed with a fairly decent set of Denis the Menace calves too, which a nightmare when it comes to buying boots. Even ankle boots I've bought in the past have needed to be broken in before I can finally haul the zip right to the top.

And don't even get me started on knee boots. I don't know about where you live, but I love knee boots in Northern Ireland. Our winter's are cold and wet and icy and they go on and on and on, so I seem to spend a good four months of the year in my knee boots at the very least.

If I try going to any regular high street shop to buy boots, I'm practically laughed out the door and if I try to go somewhere aimed at your larger woman the boots feel huge, almost like I could walk out of them at any second.

Good boots have always been a real bane for me.

My husband bought me my very first pair of boots from DUO almost six years ago now and they're still in great condition. I bought myself a second pair the following year and I've never looked back.

I'm very pleased this evening because I've been accepted into DUO Boots affiliate program. I have to say that I can't sing the praises of DUO Boots enough.

Duo Boots

The boots themselves are the closest thing you'll find to made to measure boots and considering the comfort factor and the fact that I've now punished two pairs for the last six years they're very reasonably priced. Robert paid £120 for my first pair and they're still going strong six years later. Now I don't know about you, but working that out I've never been able to buy a pair of £20 boots that even survive one winter with me. I am the destroyer of boots in this house!

So far I have a pair of their Ravenna boots in black which are a brilliant pair of classic riding boots, in fact the design is so timeless and popular its still available at DUO.

I've always been a great believer in the fact that two good pairs of boots one in black and one in brown will see you through anything and so far I haven't been proved wrong.

Although I can't help but crave these beautiful Mallorca burgundy boots at the minute. I'll be saving the pennies for these little beauties.

DUO Boots offer a stunning range of shoes and boots in five width fittings and 21 (TWENTY ONE) calf width fittings. I dare you to find a pair that don't fit you like a second skin. Plus they ship to virtually anywhere worldwide, or you can always pop into one of their stores (if your jammy enough to have one handy).

My Latest Addiction

Meet my latest addiction.

Yup, earrings!

Because heaven forbid that I could ever just find one thing to do and spend the rest of my life learning how to be really, really good at it.

I have to say I quite enjoyed making these. The gratification is almost instant for a start. I get to reuse all those lovely beads and shiny bits from the broken and busted jewellery I've been collecting for years thereby giving them a new life and finally, its the colours. In one short hour I can have a complete table full of different colours and lengths and sizes and....

I needed something quick and distracting, you see at the minute I have three pairs of fingerless gloves all in varying stages of doneness all still on needles. One pair only lacks a thumb at the minute for crying out loud, but I do bore quite easily, which is why I end up with so many little projects on the go at the same time. I fancy a different colour or a different stitch pattern and I set one thing down and wander off aimlessly in another direction.

I do come back again, although its usually once I've successful got my "fix" for change from something else and when knitting that can be anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

I'm hoping this new little obsession will help me along the way in completing some of my larger bits and pieces, because they are so quick and I'll get that buzz that only comes with finishing a project. I'm thinking (likely quite wrongly) that I'll get back to the things I should be doing a lot quicker than I have been lately.

Or so goes the plan anyway!

A couple of these earrings will make their way to my shop, but I think I'll wrap a few up and set them aside for presents.

Just a little school update

Hey, remember me. I used to drop by here occasionally. I know, its only been about four or five days but even so, it feels like a lot longer.

I could tell you that I've been busy, completely up to my eyes in other things but then I'd be lying.

Alright, first things first, the new school. Chloe absolutely loves it. She barrels off down the street in the morning (it rocks living 2 mins from the gate btw) as fast as her wee legs will carry her with her newly acquired ponytail bouncing along behind her and her school bag flapping in the wind.

There I go talking about the weather again, but it has been windy.

In fact I'm lucky to even get a kiss and hug before she rushes in through the door in the morning. Then when I collect her she talks of nothing else for hours on end, about the games she played and the songs she sang. It really does sound like she's having a ball.

I don't know if this works for everyone, but I tend to watch Chloe's eating habits during any big change such as this because I think its the best indicator of how she's taking to it all.

She started school on Thursday last week and on the Thursday and Friday and then again on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week that little girl of mine came home and ate like a champion. I mean I haven't seen her grub like that in a long time. She would arrive home and be immediately ready for a full lunch, then she snacked what felt like constantly until about 4.30pm and then she was ready for a full cooked dinner again at 5.30pm. Plus she would have had another snack (or two) before her bedtime at 8.00pm. Clearly the new routine was taking it out of her to begin with, she was finding it challenging and needed the extra food to help her get used to amount of new things expected from her each day.

However, yesterday she arrived home and ate what I would consider her usual amount for lunch, she had a snack again at around 3pm and then just plenty to drink until dinner time without once asking for or helping herself to anything else.

This is more like her usual routine before she started school so I think she's already getting used to her new routine and finding a good balance for herself which isn't bad really considering it was only her sixth day in school. She's in school now and I'm sure that being off for the weekend will throw her a bit and we'll start pretty much from scratch again on Monday but I think she'll get the hang of it all quite quickly. She normally does adapt pretty well to new things so I'm not really worried.

Now feel free to let me know if I'm a bit of a oddball or whether this has happened to anyone else once their kids are off to school and they have a bit of free time to themselves. Here's the thing, while Chloe has replaced one routine with another, I've completely lost one.

Don't get me wrong, there are a hundred things I could be doing to make good use of the time in the morning but does anyone else find themselves kind of just sitting around waiting for their kids to come home. Maybe floating back and forward between a couple of different things but not actually accomplishing much, if anything at all.

Maybe its just the first few days while I get used to exactly how much time I have to play with during the day, but as it stands at this moment in time I am the Official Thumb Twiddler of the Woods Residence.

Now if you'll excuse me there's a space on the wall I must stare at until the bell rings (it really does rock living 2 mins from the gate).