Menu Plan 13/7 to 19/7

We were hoping to sneak in a few more barbecues this week but judging by the weather this weekend and today it isn't looking very likely, which is a pity because the husband was enjoying cooking outside and we were finally teaching Toots the idea behind a barbecue. The first time we tried it she refused to eat until everything was cooked and on the plates which of course led to a slight protein overload. I think she's finally coming around to the idea of pacing herself.


Toots is at a party with my mum, so no doubt she'll stuff herself with party food. Its her second party this weekend but more of that tomorrow. I'm planning on making something simple for the husband and I, more than likely burgers or something along those lines.


It's the end of the husband's long weekend so I'll use some of his venison for him and Toots (she likes it rare) and I'll have chicken along with some steamed veg and Comber potatoes. I picked up a bag at the weekend and you can literally wipe the skin off with your bare hands. Absolutely beautiful things they are.


Baked whole trout with lemon and herbs and a salad. My brother has been fishing again and I now have eight whole trout which Toots helped my to gut and scale in the freezer. I insist on teaching her to prepare food.


Baked chicken with tomatoes and mozzarella. I'll either bake bread or make a bean or rice salad to go with.


Pizza with all the usual toppings and I've developed a bit of a passion for garlic bread made using one of my part baked pizza bases smothered in garlic butter and Parmesan.


Chicken fajitas. we haven't had these for a couple of weeks and it does Toots good to keep some spice in her diet.


Cumberland sausage casserole. I'm just using a Colman's sauce I'm afraid. I've tried making this before myself and it never turns out quite right. I'm perfectly happy to let Colmans do the hard work seeing as they do it so much better than I do.

I'll also make a pot of Irish stew today. The husband is on call on Monday which means that there will be something quick and good for him to eat as soon as he gets home and in case he gets called straight back out again (it happens), plus it saves me cooking on Monday.


I've already made a Victoria sandwich which may or may not last until tomorrow, probably not though there's very little left as it is.

I should also be able to make some raspberry and lemon oat bars and post the recipe tomorrow. The recipe is based on MTM's scotch squares, which are bloody good as they are. My weird husband would just rather have fruit than chocolate. Go figure!

And I may have to make some brownies. Somebody who shall remain nameless mentioned brownies today and I can't get off the thought of them.


  1. Sounds good - planning our weeks menu right now!

  2. Hmm Raspberry and lemon oat bars sound yyummy scrummy :)


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