Tale of the Lost and Found Phone Photos

onto two I'm pleased with myself today, I managed to get a ton of photographs sorted out last night and filed properly. It'll hopefully make them much easier to find. I also copied a load as slide showscd's for my mum. She'll eventually ask me for prints of the ones she wants, it would be too much to print all of them (although she would if she could).

I completely forgot to take my camera to the park with us last week, but the husband managed to take a couple of photos on the Blackberry.

Her upper body strength is amazing, but I think all kids are like that aren't they. She swung like that for ages.

I'm surprised actually that they turned out as well as they did considering its supposed to be a phone, pleasantly surprised really its a lot handier to carry around than my huge camera. I really do need to see about getting myself something more compact. Any suggestions of a nice, compact and more importantly easy to use camera would be really appreciated.

I've been thinking ahead. Sometimes being organised can be a bit of a pain and yo may hate me for it, but I've been double checking my Christmas list and making sure that I've made a good start on everything I'm going to need.

Then while I was sorting out photographs I came across this one.

Its another shot snapped with a phone. We were at the Christmas Market in Belfast in December and Toots loved the merry-go-round and I mean loved it, I think this was her third or fourth go and clearly she's still enjoying herself, plus this one also shows why I'm so impressed with the blackberry photos.

And just because it made me laugh.

This was taken one morning when I was at work very early and the husband had the job of getting Toots ready for daycare. Notice the subtle use of three hair clips down the side of her head.

When I collected her from daycare that evening, the girls told me that they had to stop themselves laughing when he dropped her off, because those three visible hair clips were in fact three of twelve.

He managed to fit twelve hair clips on the head of a three year old.

Although he still maintains that he and Toots did it "for a laugh" backed up by the fact that he took a photograph. Hmmm, the jury's still out on that one.

So that's another box on the great never ending to do list checked.

Again though if any has any good suggestions for a camera I'd love to hear them. I do like my big old camera and its very good for taking photos, but there is a short delay between pressing the button and taking the shot which is fine for static things. Try getting a four year old to stand still long enough to take a photo though, I've missed more than enough photos of her already.


  1. 12 clips!

    Love looking through old photos - and I have many!!!

  2. You do realize that doing a little girl's hair doesn't come as naturally to dads as it does to moms, right? I think he gets points for even using clips... I'm good for a pony tail, MAYBE pigtails if I'm feeling lucky.

    As for a good compact camera, we have a Canon ELPH (SD600 or SD630... I forget exactly; doesn't matter though as it's only a 6MP and the newer ones are even better). We're very happy with it.

    Before purchasing it, we actually bought, brought home, and tested several (a Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, and another Canon) before settling on the one we got. The Canons were the only ones that could photograph a then-toddler in indoor evening lighting (i.e. a couple lamps, maybe a 60W overhead bulb) properly. The AF was fast and efficient, and the CCD made sure the images weren't grainy or fuzzy. Also, the video mode on them is 640x480, 30fps, which is DVD quality. You can get 15 minutes on a 2GB SD card (the newer units support SDHC, so you can get 8GB or even 16GB).

    Definitely get a Canon, and if you can, try out others using a big box store with liberal return policies.


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