Norn Ironisms

You might remember I did this while ago.

We were having a natter in one of the threads over on Folksy a while ago about the things we remember specific to the areas we live in and it reminded me of a few isms that those not from NI may never have heard (or may never have any use for).

But sure if only for the craic, here we go;

Yer whats itchy

Can you repeat that please, to be used when you've missed or misheard what the other person was saying.

He cudn't bate snow aff a rope

(He couldn't beat snow off a rope) Implying that he's weak or not much of a fighter.

Like two men and a wee lad

Actually I haven't a clue. I remember my grandad saying it, usually about anyone running i.e "there they go, like two men and a wee lad".

Aye, yer a big man in yer wee coat

Loudmouth, simple as.

He'd steal the eyes out of yer head and come back for yer eyebrows when his own didn't match

A chancer, we would also say he had a brass neck on him.

A face like a Lurgan spade

Used to refer to someone who looks sad. We might also say "her bake is tripping her".


As in He's mustard, meaning he's a bit of a tear away or a bit of a handful to manage.

And there's more, but I'm pretty sure that's enough for now!


  1. I only really know the last two!!!

  2. Love this! I've got a kid who's mustard!

  3. FINALLY. Now I can accurately say something ("Yer whats itchy") when I can't figure out what your post is about because of slang I don't understand.

    Does this work for British as well, or just NI?


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