Sunday Update

We had a really busy Saturday here, busier than usual but seeing as we have a nice long weekend and the husband will be able to relax on Monday and Tuesday I thought we might as well get all the madness out of the way on Saturday and leave the rest of the weekend free and clear. Toots spent the morning running around in her dad's new visor but he had to take it back to finally try out the new wood lathe. He's been out there in the garage this morning whittling away and I'll show you the fruits of his labour later in the week.

First thing Saturday morning we headed to Makro which is basically a huge wholesalers.
I may have went a it mad when I grabbed 5kg of chicken.

But considering the bag turned out to contain exactly 30 fillets (don't you love nice round numbers) and it cost less than £17.00 I was a happy bunny.
It looks a little less unwieldy once its all neatly bagged and sorted out for the chest freezer.

Oh, and I also picked up a bag of sugar or two along with a few kilos of stork. Well, 16kgs of sugar altogether but it was dirt cheap and well worth it.

But you know what that means don't you? Regularly scheduled cakey programming on Simply Food will resume in 3...2...1

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