Fist Bump


We've just found out today that Chloe's P2 teacher will be taking P3 from next year and we've got her again. She must have really liked her class this year, either than or it's my mad present making skillz.


I've said that already haven't I?

She's not everyone's favourite teacher, some consider her a bit iron fist for their little kiddies but I think she's absolutely brilliant. Chloe sometimes has a habit of being offered an inch and taking a mile so having a teacher who makes her expectations known in no uncertain terms is perfect for us.

I found her teacher in P1 was a bit airy fairy with an attitude that kids should learn in their own time and there wasn't any rush, so the kids took their time and entered P2 a fair bit behind the other two classes. In one short year all that malarky was well and truly fixed.

What makes it even better is that our current classroom assistant will be moving along with them too. She's the fount of positive reinforcement and works perfectly with the teacher, I don't think I've ever seen a better team and it means Chloe gets the best of both worlds, a firm handed pat on the back if you like. She needs the strictness to make her sit down and concentrate on her work but she likes a bit of praise for a job well done when she's finished too.

Hopefully we're looking forward to another great school year.

Last week of term

I'm amazed at how fast it seems to arrived this year. Mind you, bunging a holiday into the middle of June probably didn't help me be any more organised than I usually am, but sure.

With the last week of term comes the usual panic about what to get for the teachers. I've loved Chloe's teachers this year and I mean love them. You can only really appreciate what it is to have a truly wonderful teacher in your life when you've suffered a not so great one and we've been there.

But this year has been great and we want to say thank you to her teachers, but what to get.

Nothing too big obviously, there's only so many presents a house can hold and I'm sure our wonderful teachers have houses crammed to the rafters by now. Nothing too clich├ęd like pens and books and what have you.

Chloe really wanted to give them bracelets to match the necklaces we brought home from her holiday for them and so I obliged and made them to match but jewellery, as lovely as it is, doesn't really scream "you're a fandabbydozy teacher and I love you".

So I went trawling t'interwebs for some inspirations and found this gorgeous set of flash cards over at Urban Bliss.

As luck would have it I also happened to have some magnetic printer paper handy, so a little bit of resizing later and we have three sets of cracking little fridge magnets for our absolutely brilliant teachers.

I really hope they like them.

Folksy Top Picks

I was all chuffed today when I noticed that Folksy chose my Pimms themed pinterest board for the site's featured items.

Why not pop over and take a closer look at all the lovely fruity things I've picked.

The quick as a flash holiday recap

There'll be more, I promise, but I'm still tired, still ignoring the laundry and still enjoying being home with my husband.

We baked in the sun, me more than anyone else but sure what else is new.

We played at the beach and carried half of it back to the apartment.

We relaxed in the pool.

We got bored of relaxing and had water fights instead.

We fed the lizards vanilla wafers in exchange for photo ops. Probably not their natural diet.

We walked up them thar hills.

Almost to the top!

And in amongst the few dozen or so very long walks, park visits, zoo visits, pool days, beach days and a few other days I'm having to look at the photos to remember, we found some time to just chill out.


See you all in a fortnight!