Menu Plan - 29/6 to 5/7

Its official. A heat wave has hit the UK and the heat health level is at Alert, whatever that means.

In this house it means salads and as much liquid as possible. No mean feat consider I'm married to the guy who got "bored" of water while we were in Egypt. Still, he learned his lesson the hard way.

I'm a day late this week. My broadband connection has been iffy to say the these lately, but I'm happy to say that I'm back up and running and you might notice that I've already had a little fiddle with the layout here. If it looks weird or a bit skew, please let me know.

So, back to the food...


Poached chicken, cooked in the crockpot with stock, rosemary and onion, out in the garage (whoever came up with that idea first is a Saint IMO) with salad, a couple of varieties of lettuce, shredded red cabbage, tomatoes, roasted yellow peppers and raw red peppers and some cucumber for me seeing as I'm the only person in the house that likes it.


Barbecue. I grabbed some pork chops and sausages out of the freezer and dumped the chops in a bowl with hoi sin sauce, plus I've a big bowl of leftover salad from yesterday.


Chicken noodle soup for Toots and I, I added some vegetables and some of the chicken shredded to the stock in the crockpot and I'll add the udon noodles in when I reheat it. The husband wants chicken curry, go figure!


Whole trout on the BBQ (the brother's been fishing again) and I'll either put a salad together or I'll stir fry some vegetables with sesame oil.


Barbecue Pizza. Honestly everything just tastes better when cooked outside, even a tin of beans. I made 8 part baked pizza bases last week and I made two of them thinner than the rest so that I can just lay some foil on the bars, set the base on the foil and add whatever toppings they feel like at the time.


The temperature is to peak by Friday which in Northern Ireland means that it could very well rain on Saturday, but if the weather holds and I think it might, we'll head to Cairn Wood with the camp stove. Its so much cooler in the forest and it'll be a nice end to the day.


Again we'll be at my mum's house on Sunday. We had a great time last week and its nice to just spend time with family rather than the sometimes flying visits we tend to have. I have to make a trifle for the boys.


I honestly can't see there being much baking here this week, I can't even stomach the thought of bread in this heat beyond the couple of part baked things in the freezer that I might dig out for the husband's lunches.

I did bake a lemon and coconut cake very late last night, but I just really needed a slice of cake!


  1. Glad you are enjoying the weather, and relieved you aren't baking!

  2. MUCH cleaner! I really like the revision.

  3. You are so organised - even in the food department. hats off to you gal!

  4. Phew I've barely got the energy to eat at the moment - let alone decide what's for tea in the first place - you' re a saint my dear!! xx


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