Wonderhubs, Woodturning and Witchy Wonderfuls

I mentioned earlier in the week that the husband had been out in the garage whittling away on something with the wood lathe.

I let Toots watch Harry Potter a couple of weeks ago when the weather was particularly nasty one days and she's been addicted ever since. Talking about it, trying to learn the spells, pretending she's a witch. She just loves it.

So anyway, this is what Wonderhubs was up to in the garage...

Yep, he made a wand of her very own.

It's not bad at all for a first attempt, obviously the wands in the movie are a fair bit more tapered than this one but he figured that a sharp, pointed stick in the hands of a four year old might end in tears.

He used some wood that he had handy in the garage, but plans to buy something specific for his next attempt at woodturning. The wood he used was as old as dirt to be honest and he knows himself that he should have used something much greener for his first few attempts but still it turned out to be good practice and now he understands the experts suggest using green wood as a beginner.

He's itching to have another go and Toots is very happy with her new magic wand.

Now will someone kindly explain to her that her that waving her wand and yelling hocus pocus does not guarantee that mummy will magically produce chocolate.


  1. Very useful hubby! Definitely much more impressive than the usual plastic pink fluffy wands!


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