Menu Plan 20/7 to 26/7

I haven't thought this through to be honest due to a busy weekend and an even busier Monday.

Still, I've had a quick rustle through the fridge and freezer and cobbled together a quick and easy plan which should see me through what looks to be a busy week.


We had the stew I made last night because the husband is on call, although for once he arrived home early and (touch wood) hasn't been called out yet.


Pizza, its easy to throw together in a couple of minutes, plus I'm not sure I'll have he energy for much more than that. I have the pizza bases in the freezer and all the other bits and bobs in the fridge.


Sandwiches. I'll see time wise but I'll either bake or buy some sub rolls, stick a chicken in the oven and then there'll be nice warm chicken and salad for fillings. There's also some baked ham in the fridge as well as good strong cheddar and I'm never without pickles in this house so everyone should go to bed stuffed.


Stirfry. My wee garden hasn't faired too well this year but we do have a small amount of fresh veggies to use. I'll slice those finely, add chicken, noodles, sauce and call it dinner.


Steamed fish, baby potatoes and corn on the cob. I can top the fish with red or green pesto to help it along a bit flavour wise and then just throw the heap into my steamer and walk away.


I haven't got the foggiest notion. Leftovers probably, failing that burgers from the freezer.


Baked pork chops, roast potatoes and veg and I'll probably just cook everything in the oven seeing as its on.


I have brownies which means that there is something for nibbling on and something to put in the husband's lunchbox. He's also been asking for custard tarts but I'm not entirely sure I'll get to those during the week although I may be able to manage it at the weekend.

I quite fancy some bakewell tarts myself, they're nice and light and there's a lot less work involved compared to the custards.

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