Blasted Birds

I liked my little craft stall. It was nicely laid out, easy to assemble and it had a few different levels to display everything at it's best. I was happy with it, it needed nothing more.

A shame then really that I made things that need to hang up. Therein lies the problem, things that are made to hang look their best when hanging oddly enough.

I needed a stand of some description.

Or three in an ideal world.

Well in truth, in this ideal world I speak of, I would really need a bigger table to accommodate the three new stands without me having to faff around with the rest of the display.

I don't ask for much in life really!

The obvious place to look seemed to be my usual haunts, the charity shops, but I came up empty handed, new shops turned up even less options.

I needed something big up top but with a small heavy base to prevent it toppling, but the only things I could find seemed to be the opposite with some spindly little effort up top and a base the size of a hub cap.

With no other option I was forced to make my own. You may remember I've mentioned in the past that wire just isn't my things, but this is what I came up with.

I had some 1mm galvanised steel at home which would easily have supported it's own weight (the taller of the two stands is a little over 2 feet tall) but wouldn't have managed with the birds and charms in place. A trip to the garden centre turned up 3mm and 5mm wire.

If you're ever thinking of making something like this for yourself, I beg you, I implore you, go for the 3mm. I used the 5mm. My hands have yet to forgive me. I have nine extremely fine little cuts on my hands and another six on my left wrist, I didn't find most of them until I was washing a few dishes later and they hurt like you wouldn't believe!!!

On another note when I made the first stand, I cut the wire to the right length, held them all together and bent the bottom ends out to create a little base for the weight in the jar at the bottom to hold onto, I then wrapped the six lengths of heavy wire with the 1mm I already had. Don't do this, leave 'em straight, leave 'em straight, leave 'em straight until you've finished wrapping them because that tiny little base at the bottom turns into the spinning wheel of angry death while you're wrapping it, hence the six cuts on my wrist.

I live and learn:)

Just the random witterings of a girl avoiding the dishes

  1. Is it only Chloe who suddenly remembers that she has toys in her bedroom after I've tidied and organised them or do all kids do that?

  2. When I do a giveaway I should really get my finger out and post the parcel instead of just wrapping it and leaving it on the shelf in the hall so that I won't forget it. Sorry Sarah, it's on it's way now.

  3. I'll have to remember in future not to ask for something unless I'm prepared to receive it. I'd met a friend for coffee earlier in the week and she wanted to plunder my wares for crimbo presents so when I was walking home later that morning I was still carrying a big bag of shop stock.

    I'm not entirely sure what came over me, I think it probably had a lot to do with the slightly evil part of me who still laughs at home movie clips of toddlers being knocked flying into a paddling pool by their own mad spaniel ... anyway ...

    Where was I, yes, I was on my way home and for some unknown reason I decided to pop into a lovely gift shop in town and ask if they would stock some of my things. I should probably clarify a few things first;

    • To say I wasn't looking my best is definitely being generous.
    • I hadn't phoned first.
    • The shop in question doesn't stock handmade items in any way, shape or form.
    • I didn't have enough stock to actually be in any position to supply much.
    • It's normally considered a good idea to arrive at a shop with a range of cohesive products, things that might look like they belong together if the shop owner is kind enough to give you a shelf.
    • If you had seen the "range" of items I took into the shop that day, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I didn't know I could buy fabric by the yard and had instead been buying up FQs in all the colours of the rainbow:)

    So the evil part of me basically thought it would be a laugh to send me in completely unprepared. I'll have to keep an eye on that one from now on.

    Not that it matters because now I've a new stockist. I know I couldn't believe it either, course I've precious little left in my shop and less than squat for a craft fair that I'm doing in three weeks, but sure I'll worry about that tomorrow.

    Welcome to the very lovely little gift shop which also goes by the names 'Marmalade Moon' and in some circles, 'Cath Kidston Heaven' and in slightly smaller circles again 'The Tardis'. It is a really, really tiny little wee shop but you would have to see the inside to believe how much is actually in there. The owner must have been awesome at Tetris.

  4. It's just not possible to run away from a cold, trust me I've been trying all week and it finally caught up with me last night.

  5. Colds suck! We should definitely devote more time and energy to developing a cure for the common cold. Imagine how many sick days companies would be saved each year.

  6. I'm wondering what I'll be told at Chloe's first parent teacher meeting on Wednesday, I hope it's good.

  7. I can hear Robert making himself a cup of coffee. I wish he wouldn't because it's one more thing to wash and it's reminded me about the dishes.

  8. I wouldn't mind if he made one for me though, after all I'm the one with all the hard work ahead of me!

A very happy bunny

I know it seems an odd thing to be happy or pleased about, but I finally have a new best seller:)

For the past year the top spot has been held (rather firmly) by the big ass daisy.

Obviously you won't get the gist from a photo but that bad boy is about a metre across. I do still love the daisy, I really do, I even have two of them myself but at the final count I'd made 23 of these (not counting my own) and a stack of mini ones too and there are really only so many daisies one girl can make.

I don't mind admitting that it was a bit annoying having an item that I no longer make as my best seller, but I'm very glad to say that my wallets have now easily out stripped the daisy:)

And they're back in stock now too!

The Giveaway Winner with a bit of Folkfest too

It's been a whole week since I last posted anything, but then that's nothing new really!

Of course I have excuses, don't I always. Like, you remember Chloe's new school shoes, well she's already managed to break the strap so we're on our second pair. I'm very proud of her, six weeks to trash a pair of shoes is a new personal best. Thankfully I had the receipt and the shop agreed that they should really last a bit longer than six weeks, even on a child who gets into everything wearing them:)

Hopefully this pair last a bit longer, even if they make it to Christmas I'll be happy...

Anyway, getting to the point now. I've been taking part in the Folksy listing challenge again this month and I've chosen a selection of very lovely things from the other Folkfesters for my Folksy Friday this week.


Iyobo Design

J Austen Jewellery


Diomo Glass

And now for the giveaway winner ...

I used to pick a number for me and out popped #5.

Congratulations to Sarah (theothermousie), your new cuff will be winging it's way to you shortly.

And don't worry if you didn't win, you can always whip one up and make sure you pop back every now and then because I've a few xmassy giveaways planned too.

Rose Cuff - The Giveaway

Cast your minds all the way back to Wednesday. Yep this Wednesday. Wednesday, two days ago.

Anyway, way back on Wednesday I posted a wee tute on making one of these absolutely gorgeous (even if I do say so my own self) rose cuffs.

You do remember! Brilliant, well that makes everything all the easier then. Happy days.

Anyway, I also mentioned that I'd be giving away the cuff I made for that tutorial on Friday and given that this is Friday here comes the very difficult, jumping through hoops process of actually entering said giveaway.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this stunning (modest, aren't I) cuff is leave me a comment answering the following question ...

Are you ready?

Prepare yourself now!

Deep breath.

Right, here we go ...

Chocolate or Cake?

I like both if I'm honest and I don't particularly mind if you do too.

I'll pick a number out of the hat that is next Friday (8th Oct) and get this sumptuous little baby in the post to the winner as quickly as my knackered little legs will carry me.

As with all my giveaways only individuals currently residing in any country on Earth are eligible for entry. So that rules out a few of you;)

You know who you are.