Mostly Wordless Wednesday

This is what happens if you take your eyes off my husband for more than a minute!

What a lovely pair

Oh all right then, if spelling's more important than funny, I mean pear:)

Or pears even.

Do you remember earlier in the year, after a couple of years of no pears whatsoever I said I would go out into the garden, cotton wool in hand and give the bees a little help this year?

Yep? Might have went a bit over board!

There are at least a half dozen on each branch and the poor tree is straining under the weight.

I see a lot of pear crumbles, pear chutneys, pear jams, pear tarts, and probably upset tummies in our future.

Looks like fun

Think I know what we might be doing this weekend.

All alone

That's what I am.

It's a little after 7.00am, I have my coffee and the news mumbling quietly in the corner for company.

I have a day planned, or as planned as it gets in the Summer, a bit of baking, bit of tidying, a walk to the park maybe or even just mucking about in the sprinklers in the front garden, it's a bit parched looking out there. The grass is definitely greener on my neighbour's side of the fence:)

Chloe's still in bed sleeping off a long lazy weekend playing with friends in the sun, and the husband is off to work.

His first day in his new job.

He's back to work.

I miss him, of course ... but I'm glad he isn't still here.