I'm properly busy and therefore unable (too lazy) to properly write a proper post, I went ahead and mad men-ed myself.

And also because I wish I could be standing in a bar, cocktail in hand, chilling out.

Her bra and knickers even match and generally I'm much too busy (again, lazy) to bother with such unnecessary frivolities.

Sure a girl can wish!

Anyone have a spare eight hours lying around I can borrow?


  1. In short - no! What's matching bra & knickers anyway - it rings a bell from from somewhere in my past but I fear all is lost now...

    Anyway I take some comfort from the fact that those are definitely my hips in that picture - does this mean I'm fashionable at last??????

  2. So now you're writing about your underwear?

    What's next?

    Actually, you know what? Don't tell me. Please.


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