New Kindle Cases

Are now in stock and available in more fabrics than you can shake a big pointy stick at.

Navy Dandelion

designer fabric kindle case

Forest Fern

handmade designer fabric kindle case

designer handmade kindle case
Aubergine Swirl

handmade designer kindle case
Golden Yellow

handmade designer kindle case
Chocolate Mimosa

Black and Yellow

handmade designer kindle case
And loads more still to come, available in two sizes.

I should point out that they're very well padded so that big pointy stick probably won't do you much good, you might just as well put it down and pop the kettle on instead:)

Remember me

So the plan for January 2012, in my head at least though it may not have been written down anywhere, was to get my butt in gear, organise myself a bit better and start blogging again ... properly!

However, after an exploding central heating pump, blocked drains, a handful of orders, a mountain of paperwork and a not insignificant chimney fire ...

... enjoyed immensely by the small curly haired one ...

I'm not quite there yet. Sorry, but I am getting there slowly but surely and somewhat normal service will resume, umm, at some stage:)