Menu Plan

I'm actually not going to bother with a menu plan this week. The weather is a bit all over the place and last week's plan was bumped mostly for salads and nibbly food so I think I'll just do the same again this week.

There's plenty in there as I went on Wednesday and did a big grocery shop so we still have plenty of salad supplies and loads of fresh veggies in the fridge. Although, that's perhaps half of the problem. It easier to get by without a plan of any kind when there's a ton of food in the house.

I also have some minced steak in the fridge so I'll fit in pasta or something similar this week or burgers, as I say I haven't really decided yet.

Its been quite muggy here because of the rain but the temperature has climbed again the last couple of days so I may cook in the crockpot more often than not this week.

I'll hopefully feel more like planning proper meals again next week.

To make up for the lack of foody loveliness I'm having a giveaway over on See the Woods Designs. Feel free to pop over and throw your name into the hat.

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  1. minced steak sounds SO much more appetizing than ground beef

    I shall use that term from now on.


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