Menu Plan 3/8 to 9/8

Water, water everywhere, so lets all have a drink! Yep, it's chucking it down in buckets again this week.

Even so, I received a nice surprise this week in the form of an email from Emma Williams, the Managing Editor of the Schmap Guide telling me that one of my photographs from our trip to Belfast Zoo had been chosen for the Top Attractions section.

This one in fact.

If you're not familiar with Schmap you check it out using the link below. Simply put, it's an online map system when you can also run on your phone amongst other things, but instead of a boring bog standard map, in Schmap all of the sites, attractions and places of interest including hotels, restaurants and even events which have been reviewed and also include photographs taken by your average Joe, or Josephine in my case because face it, a professional photographer can make anywhere look like somewhere you'd like to visit. Schmap Guides are available for over 200 worldwide destinations, not just Belfast so why not check out a few local to you.

Anyway, food!

I'm keeping relatively simple this week, although I found out after last week that I do need a basic menu at the very least to keep hold of my sanity.


I'll make a big pot of beef stew. The poor husband was on call all weekend and he barely set foot in the house until well after midnight both nights, plus he's off sorting out cameras today. Cameras which are outside and I've already mentioned that its pouring outside. He's exhausted already and I fully expect him to arrive home soaked through so I'll light the fire for him later too.


Chicken, possibly fajitas or just plain wraps with all the bits and pieces.


Curry tonight. Toots will be at Nana's house for dinner so I'll be able to make the husband a hot curry for a change.


Baked cod with potatoes and vegetables.


Pizza night.


Burgers and onion rings.


Roast chicken, with all the usual bits and pieces.


Strawberry Pavlova. Its in the oven already, the husband will need a bit of Summer by the time he arrives home and that amount of sugar might go some way towards keeping him on his feet.

Madeira cake, I feel like having some nice plain cake around the house for snacking.

Coffee cake. We'll be making coffee cake cupcakes today too. Coffee cake is Toots' absolutely favourite cake and the first thing she asks for every time and seeing as we won't be able to get too far from the house today I told her she could make some.

Actually I should probably go because she's chomping at the bit for that cake.


  1. Beef stew sounds so good! It's a little warm here for it, but I'd eat it anyway. :)

  2. Phew when I saw menu plan & the pic of the elephant I thought have you really got into exotic meat or what?! But now I see... it is an excellent picture!

    The way I feel today - do you mind if I just have the cake & lots of it - sounds soooo yummy!!!!!!


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