I'm officially out of ways to entrertain Toots

I could also have called this post "Roll on School Term" but I'll save that for when it gets a lot worse.

But, I hear you ask,

How much worse can it possibly get in you house when you've already let the the child run around (yes out in the garden too) with a pair of purple flowery knickers on her head pretending to be spiderman?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we!


  1. I really am laughing out loud at this! How funny *L*

  2. Wow - how cool does Toots look! Why didn't you make her a spidey outfit out of a pair of old tights too? Thought you were good with a needle & thread?! xxx

  3. How I wish I could run around with a pair of knickers on my head. that would be just soooo cool. I think my daughter would leave home as I am already officially embarrassing, mainly beacuse she's 14 and I'm her mum and that's just the way it is. I made a load of spiderman stuff too - it must be something in all that water we're getting at the moment. Off to find some knickers ...

  4. That's actually a pretty reasonable approximation. Seriously. I'm impressed.


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