Absolutely Typical

There's me driving everyone in the house completely nuts, watching them like hawks since I cleaned my carpets.

No you can't have a beer in the living room.

No don't get the blackcurrant, get the apple juice instead.

Don't spill.

Watch where you set that.

Put that glass up out of the way.

Do you really need to set the coffee cup right at the edge of the bloody coffee table.

And then I get up off my bum this morning to go to the kitchen, somehow manage to trip over my own two feet and throw half a cup of builder's brew tea all over the carpet.

I'm just glad Chloe wasn't here, because even she would have seen the irony!

I knew I should have went with wood floors.....


  1. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Kids & any kind of flooring don't mix - believe me. We had the most gorgeous green carpet, Tess & Noah wrecked it between them... drinks, vomit, toilet accidents! Andrew said that's it we're having a wooden floor - then Bram decided to come along - in no time at all his toy cars chip chip chippety chipped away at the floor - dint after dint...

    Anyway if you're like me the more I say to myself do not spill that drink on the new carpet -the more likely I am...

    Sorry - but that's life!

  2. The thing is though, even during all that cleaning and smart arse comments about Chloe not spilling any more I somehow also managed to forget that I'm the clumsiest person in this house, by far, always have been....

  3. Sods law or what...mind you we recarpeted through out the house 6 months before I gave birht. Cream carpet and projectile poo is a lovely combo:) I am beginning to think that the more you clean the dirtier the house gets.....

  4. I believe the correct term is hubris.


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