The child's off to school, finally time for me. Or is it?

Chloe is in bed fast asleep. Her uniform is labelled, ironed and hanging in her room right above her new shoes and she has planned to the last strawberry what she will have for her breakfast tomorrow morning.

Once she's safely off to school, I will rush home with Robert, grab a quick coffee and a cinnamon bagel before jumping in the car and heading to Ikea, who I am told are having a fabric sale (but lets face it even if they'd doubled the price I'd likely still go just to look).

After eight months of spending 24 hours a day with Chloe I have to admit, I'm ready for a little bit of me time. Don't get me wrong the last eight months have been brilliant, a bit of a steep learning curve to begin with and we've hit a rough patches but I've really enjoyed all of my time at home with her every day. But still those couple of hours a day are going to be really appreciated.

Or perhaps I should say were going to be really appreciated because on Friday I have a meeting about a job.

A job I didn't go looking for, apply for or even want. I just received a "we need you" call out of the blue this morning.

Like I said, I wasn't really looking to go back to work, at least not straight away but it's kind of hard to look a gift horse in the mouth.

My shop on Folksy is going quite well, but it would still be nice to have a bit of guaranteed money in the bank every month, you know?

Plus with so many people out of work and looking at the minute, do I really want to turn down a great offer only to find that I may need it in a couple of months.

It really is a great offer too. I'll only have to work an hour or two a day at whichever times suit me which will obviously be while Chloe is at school. I won't need to work any of the school holidays either, so I don't even have to consider childcare fees. I wouldn't even consider the job if it meant Chloe going back to childcare because neither of us wants that.

Oh and did I mention that the company is a five minute walk from home.

Hmm, still thinking though...


  1. Sounds perfect!

    Hope interview goes well, but no childcare costs and no commute (which if I remember were the 2 main hassles before you stopped work) it sounds ideal.

    Will you enjoy the work? Can you still do some creative stuff? If so, seems a great opportunity.

    (As long as we still get a chance to meet up!)

  2. That job sounds perfect, even to just try it out and see how it works for you.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Best of luck.

  3. Good luck with what you decide Leanne.
    Bet Chloe's having a great time, hope you get a chance to let us all know how it went.
    Sarah x


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