Firsts and Lasts

I don't think it has quite sunk in yet that today is Chloe's last Friday as a preschooler. Which also means that we have a total of six last such&suchadays left before she starts school this coming Thursday.

Once Thursday has come and gone it will be seven years before another big change in her life. Seven looooong years before we her last ever Primary School Friday and then she'll be off to secondary school.

It amazes me just how quickly the milestones slow down and grow fewer and farther between.

I still remember when these little changes flew towards and past me, sometimes like machine gun fire, it was difficult to recover from the last one before being hit by the next.

Like the day I could have taken off full pelt, fists in the air for a lap of honour around the block because she'd finally taken a full 8oz at a feed. The first time she slept right through the night without waking. Her first tooth. The day what I thought was colic disappeared forever and I finally realised that my little girl's wind went down rather than up and I'd just been patting the wrong end for the last two weeks.

Her first night away from home. Her first birthday. Her first dentist appointment and her first hair cut. Her first smile, first giggle and of course, her first tantrum.

She tried her new uniform on this morning again because firstly I wanted to be sure that she hadn't mysteriously grown half a foot overnight (it happens) and secondly because I just wanted to see her in it again. Her face lights up when she wears it and she looks so grown up.

So now we're down to her last six days as a preschooler, but there will be many days to come after that. The world isn't coming to an end, just a small part of her life and each of those days to come will be just as special as the last and we're looking forward to each and every last one of them.


  1. The times, they are a-changin'.

    You're the second person I've read this week that says schools starts mid-week for them. In Canada, it always starts at the beginning of the week (a Tuesday because the Monday is a stat).

  2. Beautiful post - great to take time to savour and enjoy these wee moments, and blog about them too, for when our memory starts to go!

    My new (3 month old) laptop has dramatically died - oh no! Can't get the paramedics until at least Monday. Having withdrawals! (and on dh's laptop for now)

  3. I loved reading 'baby' has now finished school, and will be moving on to college in September. I don't know where the time has gone.

    Make the most of it :0)


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