Belfast Tallships (Condensed)

Well I am officially shattered, with a capital SHATTERED. A capital S all on its lonesome just doesn't cover this level of shatteredness(?).

So I will leave you with a couple of photographs from our dizzy day and the promise of a full post tomorrow.

Now I think I may just curl up in front of the tv for an hour and I may even fall asleep there.

Nighty night all.


  1. Sitting with my aching feet up and a mug of tea, contemplating whether or not to post tonight.

    Really enjoyed it, but huge crowds. Did you spot me? If my phone had not been without network coverage, as I am changing over to my new iphone, I had thought about texting you to meet up, but not sure we would have managed it anyway.

  2. Shattered? Like broken?

    Again, you need to add this to the Irish to rest of the english speaking word dictionary.


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