First Day at School. Piece of Cake!

I'm so pleased because Chloe had a brilliant first day at school.

We even managed to start off in the morning on a high note. Normally, she isn't a big fan of breakfast. She'll pick at her food or just have something tiny like half a slice of toast and some juice, but this morning she sat happily and munched through a bowl of weetabix, some strawberries and a glass of apple juice in about 15 minutes.

We managed to get the uniform on without any problems. She didn't grow six inches over night so everything still fit.

And she looked so cute wearing it. She knows it too.

We walked to the school and I was a little concerned because she was really happy the entire way, but as soon as we reached the top of the steps and the P1 courtyard was in front of us she hesitated, just for a split second but it was there. Usually Chloe is the type of kid to run into any situation with both guns blazing and its a very rare sight to see her unsure of herself. On the few occasions its happened before she has went one of two ways. Either she shrugs it off and runs on anyway, or she falls to pieces, wants a hug and refuses to carry on. Thankfully today was a good day.

After a few minutes one of the women from her old daycare arrived with three kids she recognised as friends and they played together for five minutes or so before her new teacher opened the door to their cloakroom and invited them in.

After that I didn't get a look in.

I managed to squeeze past some of the other mums into the cloakroom to give Chloe her little envelope for the snack scheme just in time to hear her teacher ask her name and for Chloe to reply "I'm the butterfly". I took both of us a second to realise that she'd spotted her hanger with her name and a picture of a blue and purple butterfly above it.

She was only in school today for a bit less that 3 hours and she'll start her full days of 3.5 hours tomorrow. We collected her shortly after noon and she talked a mile a minute the whole way home, even making us stop in the street every now and again while she explained something in spite of the heavy rain.

Best of all she's really excited to be going again tomorrow and that she will be able to go every day. I've heard stories of some kids arriving home from school saying about how brilliant it was, but what do you mean I have to go again tomorrow I thought that was it. So its really good that she understands that it isn't a one off thing.

Oh and I'm to tell you that her teacher gave her a spider sticker which says "Very Good Work" because she was able to write her own name on a painting of the three of us. I'm blue, Dad's yellow and Chloe's green but because those things tend to come home in bundles at the end of term, that's all I know about the painting for the minute.

I hope everyone else planning for the first day of school this year have just as good a day.


  1. Oh bless her, she looks so grown up. Am really pleased the first day at school went well - but how was it for you? Did you manage to fill the few hours or were you clock watching the whole time?

  2. My, doesn't she look such a big girl - gorgeous pics! I'm so thrilled she had such a positive experience, bless her. I'm sure she'll be telling the teacher what to do in no time.

    Bram is stressing already about going back to Kindergarten - but hey ho nothing new there! Tess & Noah just adopt the young teenager attitude towards going back...

  3. Glad she had such a wonderful first day! And can I tell you how much I LOVE her shoes?

  4. What a sweetheart, glad it went well x

  5. Yay for a successful first day of school!

    She looks adorable in her uniform. Are those standard for the school, or are all schools similar looking?

  6. Oh she looks great in her uniform.

    Glad it went well.

    I don't think I had see a pic of her with her hair tied back before!

    My son will only go for ONE HOUR for the first 2 days, and it will be NOVEMBER before he is in until 2 o'clock!

  7. She looks so gorgeous in her uniform. Glad her first day went well!

  8. CUTE photos! OMG, so cute.
    Glad it went well!!!

  9. I feel quite tearful - she looks so sweet, everything ahead of her - enjoy these precious years :-)


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