Over the moon

I'm an incredibly happy bunny today.

First of all I got a parcel of gorgeous buttons in the post from Here Pretty Kitty along with a pack of Haribo Tangfastics which Toots promptly ran off with and came straight back again with her head practically sucked inside out so I got to eat the whole pack myself, hee hee. She's not a big fan of the sours.

Not only that, but my letter finally came through from the bank with my offer of settlement in relation to the claim for bank charges which has been ongoing for what seems like a lifetime now. Not only will I be reimbursed for every last charge, but I'm also being compensated as well!!!!

Just to be clear, claims against banks for unlawful bank charges are currently stayed in the UK while the Court of Appeal makes their final decision however I was able to make my claim under my bank's financial hardship policy because I left gainful employment in January. I will give the bank credit though, they were professional and pleasant to deal with and didn't drag the claim out unnecessarily in any way.

Still I will admit that I haven't slept particularly well the last few months because of money worries, but this is like a weight lifted off my chest. I'll definitely rest easy tonight.

We'll finally be able to get a few essential repairs made around here with some of the money. The garage roof definitely needs to be replaced this year, it really is hanging on by a thread out there and it'll give us a ton of extra storage space once dryness is guaranteed. I can't wait, the house will feel so much bigger once that's sorted out.

And I'll be able to take my sewing machine to my local guy and get her a good service, I don't think she's seen more than a quick dust and a drop of oil in years.

I know they say money can't buy happiness, but it'll certainly make things a lot easier around here and a good night's sleep always puts a smile on my face.


  1. Hey some good news then today. Money can't but you happiness but it certainly helps! Good for you xx

  2. Great news - a happy ending :)

  3. Sounds like you have cause to celebrate ... bring out the cakes!

  4. Unfortunately, whenever we find or make new space in the garage, we don't move anything out of the house. We just fill it up with more stuff. Hopefully you have better luck with it! ;)

  5. That's great news, although also a sign of the apocalypse... I mean, a BANK admitting it was WRONG? Really?!?


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