Do you think the place could be doing with a clean and tidy round here?

I know the old girl had a trim not too long ago, but what do you think, could it do with an overhaul.

A good clear out so to speak?

Firstly, I know the "contact me" doowhatsit doesn't work properly, its on the list, but do you think it looks a bit cluttered in general.

Or is it just my projectoholism kicking in!


  1. I give mine a good de-clutter, and am really pleased with it, but it can be a pain when things start going wonky!

    What do you think of my new layout, with the columns moved around etc? Be brutal - I can take it!

  2. Well I don't think it needs tidying, so long as I can read clearly what's on a blog I'm happy. Some people go over the top & it's very distracting. I like it here or I wouldn't drop by! But from what I've learnt about you in a short space of time - you're going to change it aren't you?! xx

  3. Your sidebars are a little cluttered, but I prefer a minimalist approach, so take that with a grain of salt.

    However, stuff like: Stats, Followers, Twitter Moms, Frugal Hacks... could go and I wouldn't notice.

    Also, rolling up your links at left into something more compressed with less whitespace might help.

  4. It's your blog - you should do exactly what you want with it. If you want it all singing and dancing then that's fine by us. We'll still come back x

  5. I like it just the way it is. :)


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