Have I bitten off more than I can chew?

It all started after the "incident" in my dentist's office when he may or may not have caught me stuffing business cards inside the magazines in his waiting room.

Shameful I know. What kind of person would actually do that kind of thing? In a dentist's office of all places!

Well after the incident which may or may not have happened and which may or may not have involved me, the dentist said that I was free to leave a stack of business cards or leaflets in his waiting rooms (not just my little room mind you, but all of them).


Still, never one to be satisfied with what I'm offered and possibly due to the fact that I might have been hopped up on anaesthetic (which does funny things to me by the way) I heard a voice not unlike my own enquire "What about a magazine?"

"Sure" he said "as long as it doesn't look like you've got busy with the child's crayons you can leave a few copies of a magazine in the waiting rooms". And the Arts Centre, and the library and the coffee shops and tourist information shop said they would all like to have copies too.

But, and here's the snagging point, there isn't a magazine promoting Folksy. I don't have one. You don't have one. The girl down the street doesn't have one.

There isn't one.

Well, not just yet anyway.

But by hook or by crook there will be. In a couple of weeks the first edition of GO handmade will be available for download.

Can you just feel the excitement?

And it won't be just a catalogue either. It will be packed with features on crafters and makers currently being slaved over by some very wonderful and creative people on Folksy. You'll find out what they do and where they do it. What makes them tick and what inspires them. There'll be crafts for kids and tips and ideas on what to do outside this summer.

You'll just have to stay tuned to find out whether it all comes together in the end.

Can you wait?


  1. I CAN feel the excitement!!! It'll happen Leanne - you'll make it so & we'll help xx

  2. I am sooo excited!! You are such a star - I dont know where you find the time!

  3. Wow... you are industrious. Good luck!


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