Woe is me

I know, you're probably thinking by this stage, "for crying out loud, all this girl does is whinge" but I honestly do have a very good reason this time.

My internet connection at home has went belly up, I'm having a nightmare on my hands trying to get the whole thing sorted. Of course, clever me decided that while I was internetly challenged I'd take advantage and change over to the better package, faster download, less cold hard cash, you get the idea.

So basically, I'll only have very intermittent access to my wonderweb for the next few days. I'll be around occasionally to check emails and what not, but you might notice a distinct lack of comments and you might not see me lurking around forums and such just as often.

I'm also incredibly busy at the minute and I'm taking advantage of the fact that I don't have the lure of the internet (aka totally addictacular time suck) to get a mountain of stuff done.

So all in all, sucky situation means getting life sorted and head wrapped around a few things.

Does that make sense.

Probably not.

Oh well, I'll be back again with my usual brand of random very soon. I promise.

Everyone have a lovely few days.


  1. praying you get it all sorted my friend. Time away is good. You will return rested and un-whingey! ROTFL

  2. The internet does tend to suck you in and then what-d-ya know a few hours have gone by. Enjoy the rest and hope you get things sorted.

  3. Well done! This is fantastic! Can't wait for issue 2!

  4. I know of few things less blog-whine worthy than the loss of an internet connection.


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