Menu Plan - 8/6 to 14/6

I'm still trying to process the fact that its June already. I really need to get my finger out and sort something for the Husband's birthday, not to mention Father's Day. I just don't even know what to get him this year, I really don't.

Still, once I get my food sorted for the week, its one less thing floating around in my head.

Last week's plan went to the dogs I'm afraid. The couple of times we did cook, we cooked outside to cut down on the heat in the house. It really was hot last week and after a bit of a stormy weekend the sunshine is back again today. I did do my roast chicken on Sunday though, it had cooled down a good bit here by that stage. It also means I have a good load of chicken to start my week off.


Fajitas. Toots is starting to eat more vegetables, she was always good with the basics like peas and carrots and would eat fruit until it came out of her ears but now she'll happily eat peppers and onions and a load of other things, so I'll make the fajitas heavy on the veg with a bit of chicken thrown in there too.


Crockpot lasagna. We'll be out on Tuesday from first thing in the morning so I can put this on beforehand and not have to worry about starting something when we arrive back home.


Toots will be at my mum's house this evening so I'll make a spicy chicken curry with chapatis. Toots still isn't a huge fan of curry, but she's getting there.


Fish pie with steamed veg. I have smoked white fish in the freezer which didn't get used last week so I'll defrost that and use in the pie.


Burgers and chips for a wee Friday treat.


I'm really hoping the weather will be good this weekend and we can get down to the beach again or off to the forest for the day. I may just throw all the bits and pieces for an omelette in a bag along with some bread for toast and I'll make it on the camp stove. Failing that I can just make the same thing at home if the weather isn't great.


I haven't a clue yet. I'll be going shopping on Saturday at some stage so I'll sort something out then.


Lemon and coconut cake. Its just a nice, plain slab cake that I can cut into squares and the husband can take for his lunches at work.

Flapjacks, because they're really handy for a quick breakfast in morning if we need to get out the door. Toots is perfectly happy to eat them because she thinks she's getting biscuits for breakfast.

I think that might do it actually, we've been eating too much baked stuff around here and besides we'll overload on the stuff later in the month. I'll need to do cake for the husband and my dad on Father's Day and then I always make the hubs a strawberry pavlova for his birthday when the local strawberries really come in to their own.

What about you, any nice foodie plans this week or do you have something special planned for Father's Day? Don't worry I won't tell anyone.


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  2. Fajitas sound wonderful! Have you ever tried them with venison?

  3. Oooh I quite fancy that strawberry pavlova - mmmmmm we save loads of money doing pick your own strawbs, only to blow it all on the cost of the eggs!!! Can't have strawberries without pavlova..... or is that just us???

  4. Love your menus. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has roast dinners in hot weather! Beef last weekend and chicken the weekend before. Yum!


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