Quicky Kitty Update

So I'm pretty sure the cat lives here now.

She curls up beside me every evening while I get a bit of work done at the laptop, so yes, she is inside the house now.

It took us a while to figure out that she only likes cat food with turkey in it and I've definitely noticed her looking a bit fuller and healthier since we sorted that. I check her occasionally and I can still feel her ribs although I can't see them so she's clearly a good healthy weight.

It' a cat's life isn't it?

I assumed this cat had a bit of fight in her because of her injuries and if I wasn't completely sure that this is her home now she went ahead a proved it on Wednesday.

Another cat dared venture into her garden and let me tell you, our little kitty kicked seven bells out of that cat. I don't think we'll be seeing it around here for a while.

And I figured, since she seems to be happy here, that we might as well give her a name.

Toots has suggested.......

Wait for it.........


I'm taking suggestions.

Please for the love of all things holy, give me some suggestions.

Because after spending the first few weeks calling her him, then cat, then kitty I will not confuse the poor thing further by calling Bert.

Besides, I think she might kick my ass if I tried.


  1. What a gorgeous Kitty! I can't suggest a name I'm afraid because it would be something odd & you'd never use it... But you could try Bertie got a bit of a kitty sound to it - happy toots, happy kitty - not a lot of confusion!

  2. *Double take* she's the spit of my cat Squeaky - she of the eye tick incident recently! My other cat is Bubble (I know I know!!). So I'm probably not the best at pet names (My dog is Darcy). How about just 'B' or Bee or Bea and also handily short for Bert, but easier for Toots to spell!!

  3. How about McGonagall (from Harry Potter)? Although, maybe she was Scottish?

  4. How about Spot! - that appeals to my warped brain :)

    Very cute kitty - we only use dry food - less smelly!


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