Mummy, I love you so much

Now just stop and let those words sit for a second.

Everyone and I mean everyone with kids knows exactly what those words are capable of doing. Mummy, I love you, Daddy, I love you it really doesn't matter they have the same effect.

They cause havoc in your heart. You would cry tears of pure joy in public if only you could stop grinning from ear to ear for a second.

You scoop your child up and squeeze them as tightly as their little bodies can bear while whispering that you love them too into their ear.

Every time your child utters those little words, your heart will melt.

But the first time, the first time is magical.

You'll phone people the first time they say it. The husband at work, the granny, the aunts, uncles and pizza delivery guy will all get a call.

Just to be clear, I don't write this because its cute and precious. I write it as a warning to all those who have not yet experienced the Mummy I love you so much phase or to those in the early stages of the phase.

Take all of those "I love you's" and store them away for the days when your child's love for you might not be just so exclusive.

Because one day and it will happen one day your loving child may very well develop a love for something else altogether.

For mine, its bollards.

Yep, you heard me right, Bollards!

No, you sir, weirdo in the back, you did not hear me right.


These things and I'm not kidding, when we pass them in the street she will tell each and every one of them that she loves it and occasionally.....she'll throw a hug in for good measure.

So take those exclusive I love you's and wrap them carefully around your heart because one day in the not too distant future you may be standing in the street trying to drag your kid off the side of a phone ox or something.

This has been a public service announcement and you're very welcome.


  1. Oh come ON! Who DOESN'T love bollards?

    (Or, alternatively, who knows what a bollard is?)

  2. It could be worse - it could be lamp-posts!

    Wait until she moves on to boys :)

  3. Hehe! Are there any types of Bollards in particular that we should be looking to avoid?


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