Menu Plan - 22/6 to 28/6

Last week was a bit of a right off. I ended up mostly using up the bits and pieces in the fridge and clearing out the freezer but hopefully I can get my act back together again this week.


Paella. Its the husband's birthday today and he's asked for seafood paella. I'll add some chicken in too to fill in for the bits and pieces that Toots isn't too keen on like mussels.


Fajitas. I'll be able to chuck any leftover paella into the fajita mix to use it up. Precious little else I can think to do with paella leftovers apart from reheat them.


Spaghetti bolognese. The husband's back to work today after having Monday and Tuesday off, plus he's on call and I can throw this together in a few minutes so that at least he's something warm in his belly if he winds up having to go out again.


Baked potatoes. I haven't had them in ages and I've really been craving a baked potato. I like mine with coleslaw and I have everything handy to make my own, Toots likes cheese which is easy and the hubs will want chili so I'll lift one of the smaller packs out of the freezer.


Homemade fish fingers and potato wedges, I'll add a little bit of spice to some of the wedges before baking them for the husband.


Burgers and salad. I made beef and lamb burgers last week and froze a pile of them and as much as I hate to blow my own horn, they're bloody good just the right amount of herb and heat and really tender and juicy when they're cooked. I was able to get hold of scrag end of lamb (not easy to come by in most butchers) and I have a mincer attachment for my kitchen aid so I ran it through that. The flavour is amazing.


We'll be at mum's house today so I'm not really sure what we'll be having to eat yet, but I might roast a pickin chicken anyway to use next week.


Pavlova. I have to make a huge strawberry pavlova for the husband's birthday (tradition) and I'll make a couple of little tiny ones for Toots because she prefers a higher crunch to mallowy ratio, she's also not bonkers on fresh cream but she'll eat plenty of strawberries.

Cookies, I really need to make the peanut butter cookies again for the freezer, I've been meaning to do this for weeks now and I really have to get my finger out.

If I can find the time I'll try to make a couple of extra batched of bread dough and part bake a pile of pizza bases. I've run out of the ones I had in the freezer and it's a pain in the bum remembering to make one from scratch.

And husband I know you don't go in for it in a big way because you're a great dad 365 days of the year and I tell you that every day anyway but, Happy Father's Day. You're an absolute star and we all love you.

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  1. It all sounds good. Do you put the coleslaw ON the potato as a topping?


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