Why I'm STILL awake

It's actually the next day now, but last night, or this morning even, I was still awake at 4am.

I'll never understand or get to grips with my body clock, really I won't.

While I find it difficult to find the motivation during the day to finish tasks, I'll get a sudden burst of burst of energy around midnight and start to sew. Luckily I hand sew everything or the whole house would be awake with me.

It doesn't help matters that the husband mentioned a few days ago about us really knuckling down and starting to redecorate the house, so now my mind is in a spin thinking of all the lovely things I want to do with this room and that. I have my knickers in a complete twist over the child's room. I just can't wait to get started.

I worry about bills and money and appointments and letters I need to send, letters I'm expecting, the usual really but then who doesn't worry a bit about those things.

I worry about Toots starting school in four short months and I wonder if she's ready, sometimes she seems so small.

I worry about family, for no particular reason at all.

I think about the dozens of unfinished projects littering my home and whether I'll ever manage to finish them.

I worry about the husband heading out to work on these damp dreary mornings while Toots and I get to stay at home.

I spend far too much time worrying and not enough time doing.

And while Toots has just nodded off for a little nap after a particularly long morning walk and a lovely big lunch, I could be doing any one of a hundred things.

But what I really want is a nap. Forty winks with a blanket snuggled up under my chin, but if I do that, I'll be able to write to exact post again tomorrow. Only with a lot more spelling mistakes and possibly a big line of j;avmichnlihghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that I somehow didn't manage before scraping my face of the keyboard and hitting publish:)

Sleep tight everyone.


  1. Ditto all of the above - you get some sleep while you can. Night sweetheart, sweet dreams x

  2. I hear you, sister. I'm on my 2nd day of "no napping" and I'd much rather be snuggled up in bed. But last night I got to bed before midnight and I'm shooting for earlier tonight. It will be my sweet reward. :)

  3. Sorry I haven't been around lately...too busy to read blogs :(
    I'd love to join you in a nap....desperately!!!


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