Riddle Me This

Is there any difference between having a cat as a pet and feeding a cat that happens to live in your garden?

I can't for the life of me figure out the answer to that one.

Oh yes, the cat is still here and despite my very best efforts I actually kind of like the little guy/girl.

Nope, still no idea whether its a boy or a girl and due to some rather unpleasant run ins with cats in the past usually resulting in a tetanus shot, I refuse to be the one to check. If anybody else is desperate to know, they can pick the bloody cat up themselves and have a gander.

As it stands the cat's name is Cat. Cat's here all the time.

I still can't bring myself to let him in the house though. I've reported finding him to the RSPCA and Assisi Animal Sanctuary as well as putting posters up in obvious places around the town, the post office, the main newsagents, places like that, but still no word on anyone missing him. I'm still worried though that someone might be looking for him and letting him in to my house might confuse him.

Can you confuse a cat? I don't know.

But he's brilliant with the child. He curls up in her lap with the motor running while she scratches behind his ears. Alright, don't get me wrong she can be a made ass child and sometimes he runs like lightening from her, but for the most part he's pretty happy to be around her.

Its just a matter of teaching her the difference between a cat and dog.

A cat for instance will not sit, lie down, roll over, play dead or give his paw on command. The same way a cat will look at you like you're as sharp as a box of crayons when you try to play fetch with him. He'll run into the next door neighbour's garden to get peace from her sometimes which says something in itself considering the neighbours have a mental dog.

So. Any insight? Do we have a pet cat or is he just using me?


  1. yes...that would be an question that only cat knows the answer to. Perhaps if you one day let him/her into the house it may become more of a pet...or perhaps it may get a better offer down the road aways...
    My strong suggestion is that if you do decide you have a pet...find out what type of pet it is. I am assuming you only want one cat and if it's a female it may one day supply you with offspring.

  2. You could always drop it off in the alley behind the local dim sum place and let nature take it's course.

  3. I think the cat has decided to be your pet. It's the cat's decision, you know...

  4. We have so many cats that own/live in our garden that one of my neighbours came down with a supply of cat food when their cat died. They thought we had pet cats... nope... I agree the cat has made it's decision. xx


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