Menu Plan - 11/5 to 17/5

I'm not really feeling the whole "menu plan" thing tonight, but I'll throw something together that I have the ingredients for and try my best to stick with it.


Shredded Szechuan chicken with egg noodles and sliced vegetables. The chicken is already cooked so this will be really quick to throw together.


Vegetable lasagna. I have a load of tomatoes, some yellow courgettes and aubergine, plus some dried pasta sheets in the larder.


I'll make the husband sweet and sour chicken with white rice. Toots will be at Nana's house and personally I can't stand sweet and sour so I'll have a salad.


I'll make a pot of soup using any leftover chicken and vegetables and I'll throw in some noodles, pasta or barley.


Gammon steaks with parsley sauce, baby potatoes and steamed green beans.


I want to clean a few things out of the freezer so I'll make a bitsy dinner tonight. There are some mini sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and a few other things in there taking up space.


I quite fancy a barbecue so I bought some minced beef and minced lamb on Saturday and made up some burgers and kofta before freezing them. Friday and Saturday look to be the best days weather wise this week so I'll just judge it and lift them out in the morning. I can always bump a meal to later in the week.


Baked cod topped with red pesto and Parmesan and some mashed white beans.


I'm feeling a bit baked out at the minute. I made a loaf of raisin bread today, along with a chocolate and vanilla marble cake. Also I made a rhubarb crumble on Saturday so I'll stick to a couple of loaves of bread this week and I'll fill the cookie jar.

If I have the time I'd like to make some lacy ginger snap biscuits and work on my speed at making ginger snap baskets. I just means getting the biscuits out of the oven and forming them over the base of a glass jar when they're still hot and soft. They harden very quickly and at the minute I can only manage them if I have four per cookie sheet which is a bit time consuming. The bought ones taste like cardboard whereas homemade ones are delicious, lovely and light and crisp with a scoop of the vanilla ice cream I made last week and a handful of frozen raspberries snuggled underneath. Nummy.

I'm feeling a bit better at the thought of that already.


  1. I have never tried making the ginger snap baskets, but I remember my Mum making them when I was wee. I got to eat the broken ones, so I was always hoping they cracked!

  2. I don't care for sweet and sour, either, but the rest of our menu sounds great. (Although I did have to Google gammon...LOL!)


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