Menu Plan - 25-5 to 31-5

Please be on the lookout for a missing week. That one missing week.

If you find it, please return to;

1 Wherediditgo Way
County WTF

Thanks so much.

Anyway, food. Food. I have been grubbing like you wouldn't believe this week, I'm telling you.

I've probably put on a stone.


Pizza on the barbecue. The weather's to be good, I don't have steaks, I do have pizza ingredients and in Northern Ireland, if the weather's good and you want to barbecue but you only have corn flakes and a bag of frozen peas to your name, mash the peas coat in crushed corn flakes and get on with it. Everything just tastes better barbecued anyway.


Chicken noodle soup. I'll throw it in the crockpot in the morning and then I don't have to think about it.


Crockpot again, Ill throw ribs and char sui sauce in for the husband and I'll have a salad. Toots will be with Nana for dinner.


Snack night. Toots and I can make homemade sausage rolls, chicken skewers, onion rings and mini brownies.


Fajitas with salad and grilled bananas with ice cream.


Risotto. I still have a mountain of mushrooms in the freezer so I'll make a mushroom and bacon risotto and poached eggs and toasted slices of crusty bread.


Chicken olives with steamed veg and potatoes, maybe with a mushroom sauce.


I'll make flapjacks again, I made them last week and the husband likes them for a quick breakfast/snack in the morning with coffee before heading out.

Brownies, we'll cut them into small bit sized pieces and some of them can be frozen and crumbled through ice cream later with some of the fudge sauce I have in there too.

Grilled or baked bananas, I'll make a slice in the skin and push in a piece of chocolate for Toots and some rum and brown sugar for the hubs and I before wrapping them in foil and either grilling them or baking them.

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