In Dreams

I'm told that I laugh in my sleep. I mean really laughing, doubled over tears streaming down my face laughing.

I kept the husband awake more than once and he's actually had to take himself off downstairs once or twice to have any hope of a good night's sleep.

The thing is, I don't remember anything about it, I never did. My mum tells me I even laughed in my sleep as a baby.

I sometimes wonder what it is that has me in a wrinkle in the wee small hours.

And Toots does it too. She laughs and giggles throughout the night, even when she's had what I would call a bad day. The days when she isn't feeling too well and has been a bit down in the dumps and still she'll laugh and giggle all night long.

I often wonder what she dreams of, What goes through her mind when she closes her eyes at night. I wonder if she's remembering something when she laughs out loud or whether she's completely fabricated something hilarious.

Last night she fell asleep in my bed, something which she normally doesn't do. We had played in the garden after dinner, even though it was raining cats and dogs and her bath had been more about warming up than cleaning up. I barely had a chance to get her into her pyjamas when she flaked out.

I left her to sleep, while I had a shower and tidied up some of the messes of the day.

When I finally remembered that she was still in my bed and went to move her to her own room, she mumbled something in her sleep. I couldn't quite make her out, so I asked her to repeat herself and clear as day she asked me if I had found her tomato.


So either she has been having some weird dream about tomatoes which only exists in her mind or in a couple of weeks time I'll find a half eaten tomato somewhere, probably tucked in behind a sofa and I'll have to track it down by smell.

She doesn't remember her dreams either.

The hunt is on.


  1. My daughter spouts nonsense sometimes when I kiss her goodnight before I head off to bed. One night last week she informed me - in a very loud voice - that she did not take off her panties.

    All righty then.

  2. Shane works in his sleep, running whatever job site he's on at the time. And I'll tell you, he sure is bossy!

  3. I do mumble in my sleep - but apparently never anything change there!

  4. How sweet! She sounds like a doll. I wish I laughed in my sleep - I've been told that I talk harshly to my husband when I'm dozing. Not quite as loveable... ;)


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