Yet Another Photoless Post

We had our last day of ballet class today and a recital.

It was just lovely to watch all the little pink ballerinas pointing their toes, twirling and waving their wands.

Of course, it was a little harder to get comfortable once my leg fell asleep under Toots who had parked herself firmly there after 15 seconds in the dance hall.

She crossed her arms, lowered her eyebrows and settled in for the inevitable conversation of

"Are you sure you don't want to dance with the other twinkles?"


"It looks like fun sweetie, why don't you give it a go"

"No I don't dance. I don't like to dance".

I beg your pardon.

I waited patiently through the rest of the recital and then spoke quietly with the instructor. She's a big fan of quietly.

You'll remember that parents aren't allowed to sit in on any of the classes and there simply isn't any time after the class to speak to the instructor before the next class is ushered in.

She explained that actually, no, Toots really didn't seem to enjoy the ballet (even though she arrives home after the class and immediately starts to do the little routine for us) and that while she'll join in with the warm up, she usually watches the other girls or does her own thing.

I'm sorry, but I really wish I'd known that through the course. It's really annoying me now that I wasted five hours of my daughter's life (she only gets the one) with something she really didn't enjoy doing.

And it bugs me even more that the instructor didn't think it was worth telling me any of this until after the course had finished (and then had the cheek to ask if I would be re-enrolling her for next term).

I don't think so, Kandi!

Yes, I know my daughter has been taking ballet lessons from an overgrown princess called Kandi, not only with a "K", but with an "I" thrown in for good measure.

Yes, I'm a little bitter.

Still, life goes on.

And that life will include preschool judo!

Oh, for the life of me...



  1. Oh no - think of all those Saturdays you took her there! I would be annoyed too.

    My girls have their GB display tonight.


  2. Did not finished and hit the button by accident!

    Was about to say would you daughter like GB? Ours started at about that age and they play games, do skipping, a wee but of craft, stuff like that. I am sure there are some local to you.

  3. I hear what you're saying... I would hate to learn my kid hated something like that, but the fact is, when you put someone named "Kandi" in charge, it's "you pays your monies, you takes your chances".


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