Bitsy Catchup

It has been a slightly hectic few days around here.

I keep finding myself sidetracked by something else and I haven't been able to concentrate on anything properly.

On Tuesday we spent the day at Belfast Zoo.

Isn't it uncanny how all the animals are able to stand with their backs to the visitors.

Toots really enjoyed herself, although we didn't quite make it all the way up to the big cats on the mountain walk.

We did get to see some elephants.

Along with a few zebra and giraffes.

We did see a lot of other animals but as I say, my mind has been wandering lately and I simply forgot to take any photographs.

We were thoroughly exhausted by the time we arrived home (seriously, who puts a zoo on the side of a mountain) and Toots, my mum and I fell asleep for an hour.

It has been far too long since I've enjoyed a sleep in the middle of the day. I've lost the art of the disco nap because I felt like death when I woke up.

Toots and I have have been out and about around our little town on Wednesday and Thursday and we're just about to head out again.

These are some typical views I see everyday. If I'm honest I don't tend to pay much attention until I get to our destination but because of Project 365 I've been carrying my camera a little more often these days.

Anyway, we're off out again to the duck pond.

I'll be back again later today, hopefully with a more focused mind.

See you all soon.


  1. I just wanted to note that I think it's pretty cool that they allow multiple animals to live together (non-predators, obviously). Every other zoo I've been to separates them all out.

  2. That zoo looks so fun - and it's cool how the animals fraternize (did I spell that right?) with each other. I can totally relate to the nap thing... waking up feeling worse off is such a bummer. Do people in Ireland say "bummer?" Just wondering... ;)

  3. Never a fan of THAT HILL at the zoo - not surprised you did not make it to the top.

    Nice to see some pics of your town, we will be in that direction on Mother's Day as my parents live there.

  4. I haven't been to the zoo in years, We should take C.J. up to Sydney and visit.

  5. Such awesome photos--all of them.

    And I can't nap either because I wake oh so very CRABBY!!!

  6. The last building is the color of Pepto Bismol. WHY would anyone want that?

    Thx for sharing


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