The diet starts today

Or perhaps to be more accurate, the exercise regime starts today.

I don't know when it happened, but at some point in the last few years I've put down a layer of insulation.

I have a slightly odd metabolism. It doesn't really matter what I eat, healthy or junk, vast quantities or near starvation, I won't put on or lose any weight.

My body only seems to respond to exercise or more recently a lack of exercise.

I used to be really active. Into my early twenties, I swam regularly, played rugby and football and had weight training usually twice a week, but that all got knocked on the head while I was pregnant with Toots and I never really got back into a routine of regular exercise.

So I've decided to do something about it and by adding the little stats bar over there on the right hand side hopefully the accountability will motivate me.

You'll notice there isn't a weight listed and that is simply because I don't put an awful lot of stock or faith in my weight. I've been thin and weighed very little and frankly I looked terrible.

Nobody ever said "phwoar, would you look at the ribcage on that", put it that way.

So I'll be forcing myself to exercise every single day. I'll update the little bar thingy on the first of each month and I'll hopefully start to see an improvement.

Wish me luck?


  1. Good luck. I will be joining you as my body function exactly like yours!

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  3. Love this post.

    I'm like you in that, regardless of what I eat, my weight always stayed within a 3-4 pound range. In my early adulthood that was a too-thin 120 pounds or so (I'm 5'7"). In my 30s, I had a thyroid disorder corrected and my weight went up to a slightly cushy but more healthy looking 160 lbs...and has stayed within 2-3 pounds of that ever since.

    I'm glad to see you're focusing on fitness rather than a number on the scales.

  4. Wishing you well - I know I need to do something too.

    Nibbling all the samples at St Georges Market can't have helped today either!

  5. I will wish you luck, encourage you and pray for you. Someone close to me too recently commented that when she went to the gym, she looked at all the slim people there and that they made it look easy. Its not. Even when you 'get there' its not. I still must push myself almost daily. I have to devise little rewards for myself - for me, its to read a good book on the elliptical. Its being out in nature when I go for a brisk walk, I'll take the camera and listen to some good music. Its also good to partner up with someone, be accountable. If you have a friend who will walk with you then you're less likely to 'skip out' at times, plus if you have a good gab the time flies away!

    I'm so proud of you for taking this first step, and to do it publically. I shall be rallying for you!

    ~ Barb


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