Menu Plan Monday - 30/3 to 5/4

Menu Plan Monday again.

Last week went pretty well. I swapped a couple of my planned meals for veggie options, partly because I had a lot of veg to use and partly because there was a touch of the cold in our house although it seems to have passed now.

For lunches this week I'll be making use of any leftovers supplemented with soup, sandwiches and a few bready things.

Monday: (Irish stew in the crockpot) Sausage and baked bean pie with mashed potatoes.

Tuesday: Irish stew. I have a late dentist appointment today as well as a few other appointments during the day so I'll just have to heat this up for dinner. Second heat stew is always far better anyway.

Wednesday: Chili with rice and salad. Toots is with Nana for dinner tonight.

Thursday: Frittata and salad with homemade bread.

Friday: Cumberland sausage casserole made in the crockpot. We're going ice skating today.

Saturday: Barbecue. Its Toots' actual birthday today so we'll have some family over and a bit of a barbecue. Cross your fingers for good weather or we'll be cooking under the garage door again:) I also have to bake for her birthday party tomorrow.

Sunday: We'll be at the Play Cafe today for Toots's birthday party with her little friends. The Play Cafe will provide happy meals for all the kids. They have a healthy option of chicken goujons, carrot sticks, yogurt and fruit juice or an unhealthy option of burgers, fries, ice cream and fruit juice. Which the kids pick at least I know I'm sending them home with their parents fed. The party is from 3.30pm to 5.30pm and I know it can be a pain to get home around 6.00pm and have to figure out a meal for the kids before bedtime.

The party room has a kitchen so I'll cook some nibbly things like mini pizzas and sausage rolls so that the parents can have a nibble. I may make the husband some fajitas when we get home.


Fruit and Cherry scones.
Pink Panther birthday cake.
Vanilla cupcakes for the barbecue.
2 batches of bread.

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  1. It sounds like Toots will have a wonderful party! How old will she be?

    I think I already asked you about the sausage and bean pie, but what is Cumberland sausage casserole? (Your menus always sound so good!)


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