WFMW - Frozen Yogurt Pops

So you've bought two dozen yogurts for the kids.

Because the kids have been eating yogurts like they're going out of fashion for the last three weeks and you thought you'd take advantage of that huge pack of yogurts because they were only £1.99 and they'll last at least a week without you having to run out and buy more every night because the stash in the fridge has mysteriously disappeared.

Cut to a week later, you still have a fridge overflowing with yogurts, there's only three days left before they go out of date and your kids are eating grapes like they're going out of fashion.

What do you do?

You could eat every tiny pot yourself.

You could strap the kids down and force feed them yogurt through a funnel.


Besides a funnel probably wouldn't work. Its not like I tried or anything, I'm just guessing.

So what's the one thing that kids will eat without complaint?

Frozen treats

I don't know about your kids, but my daughter will eat iced lollies in the dead of winter.

So take your huge stash of yogurts, make a hole in the lid and stick in a handle. If you happen to have lolly pop sticks, then use those. The ones I have are for crafts and are coloured so I'm not really fussed on trying to use them for food.

I do have a stash of plastic spoons though...

Just stick a spoon through the lid and into the yogurt and stick them all in the freezer. These little yogurts are usually ready in about an hour or so.

So now you don't have to eat three squares of nothing but yogurt everyday and your kids will love* you for letting them have all the frozen goodies they can eat.

And it works well with that monster bunch of bananas too. I usually peel the banana (they're a bugger to peel after they're frozen), cut it in half and stick wooden skewer in the cut end. Pop a handful of banana pops in a freezer bag and throw them in the freezer for an hour or so. They're great for birthday parties or barbecues in the back garden. You can even get fancy and melt some chocolate before dipping the frozen bananas. The cold bananas set the chocolate almost straight away so that the kids can crack through the chocolate layer.

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*Not that the love of a child can be bought with frozen dairy treats, it's just a figure of speech.


  1. I need someone to explain the biochem behind frozen bananas. You peel and freeze to make "pops". My wife freezes (not peeled) to make muffins (apparently the bananas liquefy).

  2. Have not done this in a while - thanks for the reminder :)

  3. Mmmmmm, I would eat these too - we have a little metal thing you can 'churn' the yogurt in to make 'ice cream' {yes, another thrift store buy} But sometimes, when I don't feel like even hauling this out... try this, your kids will love it. pour a half cup of FROZEN berries in tall narrow bowl, add the yogurt ontop, stir. Voila, the berries 'freeze' the yogurt turning it into a frozen dessert.

    Thanks for your visit, I'm 'subscribing' to you via rss feed.

  4. This such a great easy idea!

    Thanks for the tips on the cake!! It might be available in places like New York, but nowhere to be found here in Texas.

  5. You are a genius. Really. I love this idea! :)


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