Menu Plan Monday - 2/3 to 8/3


So, Monday...*thumps forehead*

It's been a little hectic around here and Monday snuck up on me.

Last weeks menu was crumpled up, flattened out again, stepped on, torn at the edges and finally ripped into pieces and picked randomly from a hat.

It was that kind of week.

Better luck this week. Check out Organizing Junkie to see who else is playing along. Or join in yourself.

Lunch: Chicken wraps with salad and fruit, using leftover chicken from Sunday (that actually did get made). I'll make these and pack them, we're hoping for a trip up to Scrabo Tower on Monday.
Dinner: Pulled Beef sandwiches with homemade coleslaw and more salad. I was given a monster sized slab of beef silverside on Sunday and it's been slowly bubbling away in he crockpot ever since.

Lunch: Mini pizzas. I have a bag of the shop bought ones in the freezer given to me by my mum.
Dinner: I'll add tomatoes, sliced peppers and Cajun seasoning to some of the leftover beef and make fajitas. I'm getting better at making the flatbreads. If you squint and turn your head to the side, they're almost round(ish).

Lunch: Homemade vegetable soup with crusty bread.
Dinner: Toots will be away with Nana and the husband has been getting a bit twitchy for a proper curry. I have homemade Balti sauce in the freezer and I'll use what's left of the chicken, or cook some fresh, with rice and chapatis.

Lunch: Omelet* with cheese and whatever else is i the fridge by that stage.
Dinner: Sausage and bean pie. It sounds gross, but its been served at school dinners here for donkey's years and its absolutely gorgeous. The weather is to be very cold by Thursday and I think this will be called for.

Lunch: Leftover pie. This is the one thing toots will eat over and over again.
Dinner: Snack night. We enjoyed this last week, toots called it a picnic. Mini burgers, onion rings and nachos. I've a nacho kit in the larder and I've no idea how (or when) it got there.

Lunch: Soup or sandwiches. We have ballet today. I'm thinking of signing her up for tap and jazz. Am I becoming one of those
Dinner: Pizza and popcorn. We're trying to have a bit of a movie night with toots.

Lunch: Baked whole trout. I really need to make a point of getting rid of the stuff in the freezer before the brother starts bringing anything more.
Dinner: We'll be at mum's for dinner so I don't have to cook. Woohoo.

Bread - at least three loaves with some mini rolls for the burgers and a pizza dough.

Petticoat Tails - I didn't even have these at Christmas, so they're a definite.

I'm fiddling with a choco mint cupcake and some after eight fudge both of which will be dyed bright green in honour of St Paddy's day. Obviously, not for a couple more weeks but I have to practice first, you understand?

* I received another glut of eggs on Saturday for some more work done. I also received a beautiful gift of two gingerbread men made with ginger shortbread. They were as light as a feather and unfortunately gobbled before I had a chance to photograph them. Along with the gingerbread I was also given a gorgeous mug, its huge and perfect for coffee as well as a matching milk glass for toots both hand painted with cupcakes, roses and cake slices by the owner of Eden Pottery. She has given Toots a number of lovely gifts like this over the years, but this is my first. I love her Home Sweet Home range. Hint Hint Heather:)


  1. torn at the edges and finally ripped into pieces and picked randomly from a hat.

    Hey, I like that idea....

  2. Can you post (or email) the recipe for sausage and bean pie? And what is a petticoat tail?

  3. LOVE Eden pottery!

    As always - you are more organised than me :)


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