Earth Hour

Last night I took part in Earth Hour.

I went around the house and switched off all the lights (not that many were on), turned off anything else I could think off and sat myself down in the living room with a glass of wine, a storm lantern and a good book.

I was a little distracted by the buzzing noise coming from the fish tank and it started me thinking about all the things around my home which I didn't switch off, which I didn't even think to switch off.

It made me feel a little pathetic for even trying.

But at least I tried.

I've lost count of how many times in the last few days I've heard "Sure, what's switching the lights off in my house going to? That'll hardly save the planet." or words to that effect.

Even my own mum didn't take part and apparently mine was the only household in my street taking part.

So what will it do? Will switching the lights off in our homes Save the Planet.


Well, if that's what you think, please allow me to let you in on a little secret.


The planet's fine.

Perfectly ok.

Nothing at all wrong with it.

Its been through much much worse in the past and it's still here, isn't it?

This planet which we merely rent space on is fantastic. And beautiful. And capable of cleaning up whatever crap is thrown at it time and time again.

If you actually believe that insignificant little specks of dirt such as human beings are capable of doing anything catastrophic enough to destroy an entire planet, kaboom, planet go bye bye, then you are a moron.

Think about it this way.

Go and find a mirror.

Now press your finger against it, see your little fingerprint?

Now wipe it off.

Do you see how easy that was. No trace of you left behind, whatsoever.

We are not destroying the planet.

We are simply destroying the things on this planet which we need to survive.

The planet doesn't need us to step in and be its saviour.

The planet doesn't need us at all.

And no trace of us will be left behind.



  1. I didn't take part becaue I'm so out of touch that I didn't know Earth Hour was taking place. :(

    I kind of agree with your sentiment about the planet, and wonder at times if the things that are happening ecologically are just the Earth's own way of cleaning itself, i.e. wiping us off it's face.

  2. In our house we took part, though we forgot until 19 minutes after it had started so kept it going for 19 minutes after.

    We also felt a little pathetic too as we have the same issue an aquarium filter, alarm clocks that will lose their memory if we pull the plug etc. The lights were off though and I think in the grand scheme of it its an awareness issue more than taking part at the time. Hopefully it did but I doubt some folks in N.I like our environment minister are even willing to promote it.

    I agree 100%, its humans that are the problem, hopefully some clever ones can solve the problem for all the head in the sand people out there or else we're in for a bleak human future.


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