That's twenty ten by the way not two thousand and ten. You have to say it the first way, it's the law! But here we are again, the dawn of not only a new year but also a new decade. I'm very happy to say that this Christmas was by far better than last, but more about that later.

This year has been very strange for me and a lot of it has come with a pretty steep learning curve.

I started 2009 freshly unemployed with a four year old who, lets be completely honest here, I didn't know an awful lot about. I know that sounds rather odd, because I'm her mum and all but still up until January 2009 she spent ten hours a day, five days a week in childcare and she spent time at my mum's house most Saturdays and Sundays. Apart from when she was sick, a little tiny baby before I went back to work or over holidays we'd never spent more than a few awake hours together. We had our good days and we had our bad days. Though I'm happy to say, mostly good.

In March I finally decided that I'd give my own business a whirl and opened a shop on Folksy. I'm really rather pleased with how my first year has gone and I'm looking forward to next year.

My little girl started school this year too.

My little experiment (that you may or may not remember) failed miserably after some horrible weather. Well it was horrible for Northern Ireland anyway!

And then before we could say Bob's your uncle, along came Christmas and here we are at the New Year again.

As years go I'm very happy and overall I'll be popping 2009 into the good year pile.

All I wish for you this year is that you find and are able to hold onto whatever it is that makes you smile.

Happy New Year everybody.


  1. Glad I got to know you in 2009 :)

    Hope twenty ten is even better that 2009!

    Take care,



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