Oh Christmas Tree

When my brother and I were little my mum had one simple rule about her Christmas tree, "If my kids made it, it goes on the tree!".

Simple as that. Now with two kids in a very large primary school which managed to get through a mountain of toilet paper every year that made for a lot of TP decorations on the tree, but she didn't care because we made them.

I have exactly the same rule, though because Chloe's only four years old we're still building a up to a decent amount of her little handmade decorations. Until the day when she can single handedly fill our huge tree to the point it's at risk of falling over I'll fill in the gaps with things that make her smile.

And yes that box of Christmas decorations does include a green paper fairy, hand print angels, golden paper stars and a slightly mad eclectic mix of giant glass m&ms, fruit fairies, Mickey Mouse stringing his own set of lights a big blue penguin with a light pushed inside, a set of really, really gaudy glass ornaments featuring a lion and a monkey nut of all things, cushions (it's a big tree) and even a rubber ducky.

I have coloured lights because Chloe likes them and Christmas belongs to her inside these fours walls, so she gets her way.

And as if that isn't enough, there's even some tinsel chucked in for good measure.

There is no question that a child lives in this house:)

Merry Christmas everybody and a very Happy and hopefully relaxing New Year!

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  1. No stormtroopers? Really? How can it be Christmas without troopers?

    Well, Merry Christmas anyways, I suppose.


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