The road to hell is not paved with legos

It's paved with beads!!

Thousands upon thousands of brightly coloured pieces of shrapnel cleverly disguised under the rather innocuous name, beads! They get everywhere and my fancy, newfangled, bag lessvacuum cleaner sounds like a machine gun. No matter how many times I empty that thing, there always seems to be a sneaky handful that manage to hang around.

This is pretty much been my life for the last few weeks, ever since I made my mum a bracelet as a gift, using up my rather modest stash of recycled beads and she mistook my generosity to mean "here's a bracelet, sell as many of them as you can".

And she did, bless her, the woman missed her calling! I've been completely blown away by how many orders I've had to fill for bracelets. I'm finally coming around to them as well and I'm enjoying making them rather than trying to fight it. I'm telling it's no easy task making jewellery with a little voice in your head telling you "you're not a jeweller, where's your knitting needles".

Purple, oh don't even talk to me about purple. I'm telling you, if you make any kind of jewellery at the minute and it ain't purple, then it's the wrong colour because after 18 purple bracelets and 4 rings I can finally say that there is not one single purple bead left in this house. Well, there might be in the vacuum cleaner or buried deep with the carpet fibres ready to jump out and attack me at any minute.

And I'm still not done. I still have to turn over orders for 14 more before Christmas and 6 more rings making a grand total of......wait for it.....

58 bracelets and 17 rings!!

I'm gobsmacked and I'm a knitter, precious little throws us let me tell you.

But we still managed to fit in a little bit of baking this week to make us feel a little more festive and yesterday Chloe and I made a batch of Meringue Christmas Trees. That's a pile of them all wrapped and ready to go to her friend's at my mum's house. If you fancy the recipe, for all that it is (easiest make ever) then you can find it here.

Now, I'm off to stop being such an ungrateful brat and finish these bracelets:)


  1. I love those bracelets!!! I want to see these on your shop after Christmas missus!!
    Now get on with those bracelets and I'll get on with bags ;)

  2. You have bracelets, I have brooches - I am now refusing to make any more before Christmas!


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