Skool Dayz

Today was a lovely day.

Today would normally have been my first day back to work and Toot's first day back to daycare after the Christmas holidays, but instead we were at home.

This is the first of many days home together.

We had an early morning getting dad organised and off to work. It's going to take him a while to get used to his new routine but I don't think he'll mind too much. Usually he would have to drop Toots at daycare and then he very kindly drove me to work, before working all day and then collecting both of us again on the trip home so already us being at home shaves about 90 minutes off his day. He arrived home today just after 5.30pm. Completely unheard of.

After having some breakfast we both got organised and walked to the school I want to enrol Toots in. We collected the forms had a look around, posted some mail and headed home again.

As I sat myself down with a cup of coffee and watched her play, it struck me.

My little girl's going to SCHOOL. In a uniform with a school bag and everything. Ok so she doesn't actually start school until August this year but I know that time is just going to disappear in the blink of an eye. It'll be August in no time.

She's definitely ready for school, she's already declared the school hers, she's touched everything, played on the games marked out on the ground in the playground and basically marked her toddler territory.

I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be starting school yet though.

Sometimes when I look at her I still see the tiny little baby I brought home from the hospital.

The baby I fought so hard for.

The baby who refused to cry for what seemed like an eternity when she was finally born.

The baby who finally let out the littlest of squeaks and shattered my heart into a thousand tiny little pieces that only she possessed hands small enough to hold.

She quickly proved she was made of sterner stuff than we could ever have hoped.

At five months grasping on to a stuffed rocking reindeer at least three times her size and enjoying every minute of it.

After only one short year with us, watching us and taking everything in we could only just keep up with her.

At two with a personality all of her own she still has determination and perseverance that knew no bounds.

Still something about the next picture should leave no doubt in any mind that she is definitely my daughter.

And now almost four years on we have our defiant little miss. Adamant that everyone else is doing it wrong, you are absolutely supposed to go down the slide backwards and on your belly.

There's just no telling her these days.

She knows it all.

Still sometimes a part of me wishes she would just stop for a second and let me look at her. Just for a second.

I need to take more photos.


  1. Sounds like a great first day of SAHM-hood.

    We register our daughter for JK next week. Gah!


    Take lots and lots of photos, and treasure these days with her....even when she is driving you up the walls!

  3. Sweet post. I remember the same feelings.


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