What happened to providing a good service?

I'm very aware that my posts in the run up to Christmas have been, shall we say, less than festive. For that I apologise.

But I'm more than a little befuddled as to why I'm currently sitting here having to fix Chloe's "professionally" taken school photograph. I'm glad I asked for the jpeg on disk rather than having the photo printed, but I'm wondering just what exactly I paid £25 for the privilege of.

Correct me if I'm wrong but this...

dark and dreary little offering probably isn't the best job a "professional" photographer could have done.

Robert bought my mum a digital photo frame for my mum and has filled it with photos of Chloe. She's always complaining that she doesn't have enough and I really wanted to be able to add her school photo into the mix before wrapping it up.

The addition of a bit of light and a warming filter helped a lot I think...

And I have a bit of a thing for cropped photos like this one recently....

And taken just a little bit further ...

I love that the difference in colour between her two eyes is a lot more obvious in the last one. It's her thing, she loves that one is brown and one is blue.

Ten minutes, total!! So why couldn't the photographer have done that?


  1. If you multiply the amount of children in the school by ten minutes per child you may understand that it is actually quite a bit of time. Plus the amount of time it takes to take the pictures of every single child in the school.
    Not to mention that even if the photographer did take an extra ten minutes per child they could not please all the parents and would spend more time trying to. Perhaps you would be better off not doing the school photo's next time and just taking pictures of your child yourself. You seem to be quite talented.
    Sorry to sound mean it's just that it is so easy to see what other people are doing wrong...but we do not walk in their shoes.

  2. I think, here at least, there is a big difference between a school photographer and a professional photographer. A lot of it is in the processing, too, and not necessarily the photographer's fault.

    We either don't order any photos from the school or just get the smallest package available from the school and supplement it with photos from an inexpensive, yet good quality, retail chain studio.

    BTW, I doubt there is anything dark and dreary about Chloe. :)

  3. The first image was underexposed. He probably didn't wait long enough for his flash to fully charge before snapping.

    The second is better, if a bit overexposed (maybe bump the contrast a little?)

    I never realized how different Chloe's eyes are. Very cute.

  4. At least you were able to "tweak" it yourself.

    Love the cropping.


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