The Christmas Post

I woke on Christmas Eve with the mother of all chest infections this year, which is nothing new, I've pretty much always came down with something at Christmas but I can usually function.

Not this year unfortunately.

I haven't cooked a simgle beautiful meal for my family. I haven't baked a single thing apart from some chocolate chip cookies to make Toots some ice cream sandwiches which were to die for by the way.

And I haven't taken a single photograph which is crap.

I still don' feel 100% but I think the main problem is that I've let my caffiene levels drop to an all time low.

Its almost 11.00pm at night, I've had seven cups of coffee in the last two hours and I feel fabulous.

I never realised I drank as much coffee as I do, so I'll have to start a weening process in the new year. I don't like the idea that I need the stuff to function.

Still Toots and the husband have really enjoyed their Christmas this year.

Luckily we were going to mum's house for Christmas dinner this year, so we went up for a few hours and everyone (not me obviously) had a beautiful meal cooked by my dad.

Thanks Dad, you rock.

Toots had her, now traditional, two Christmases.

She woke up around 8am.

A blissful lie in for mum and dad. We had hung a stocking in her room filled the the usual asortment. Chocoloate coins, two rolls of stickers, a clementine and a pink power ranger which was pure hell to find. If your kid likes red or blue your sorted, but pink and your in diffs.

Once we'd all came aroound a bit we went downstairs and she played with her new easle while I made breakfast, croissants, bacon and eggs.

We then made a start opening the presents. I always try to make a point that she plays with each present and spends a bit of time on each one as she opens it, rather than it just turning into a conveyor belt of shredded flyinf paper and empty cardboard boxes. I'm glad to say that this year we had no problems like that. We had only bought a small amount of presents this year and she loved each and everyone of them and we almost had to force her to move on to the next present in the end to try and get the day moving.

Her favourite by far was her new digital camera. Its aimed at kids and because of this the picture quality isn't fantastic. It takes much better photos outside than inside and I'll get her out of the house with it as much as possible but for now, the following for your viewing pleasure.

Her new bike at Nana's house later on Christmas day. Another gift that went down very well. We had to bodily lift her, bike and all back into the house again when her nose had turned the brightest shade of red I've ever seen. Rudolph would have been proud.

Then Dad had the camera connected to the television on Christmas morning so that she could see him taking photos of her with some of the pre-programmed borders which can be added to the photos as you take them. Yes that is him holding a snowflake and yes she is very happy about that.

And one a bit later in tthe day when she was getting ready to go to Nanas, just because it was funny.

I'll have a go at working on some of the other photos with photoshop to try and fix the exposure which seems to be the main problem using the camera inside.

All in all she had a lovely day. A bit of relaxing at home with us in the morning and then some food and playing with friends at Nanas in the afternoon.

I'm really glad we decided to get her the camera now, otherwise this would have been another photoless post.

I hope everyone else had the Christmas they hoped for and a lovely start to 2009.


  1. Too bad you were sick.

    My niece and nephew got those cameras - great fun. Maybe get that for my son next year.

    Started a new photo blog (because there are too many hours in the day!) for the Project 365 - a photo a day. Have you thought of doing this? Might be a great way to record this new phase of your life.....or maybe not!!!

  2. I hear ya about the coffee. I try to limit my intake to 2 cups a day. I actually brew half decaf, half regular. That way I can enjoy MORE coffee taste with less caffeine! How old is Toots again?

  3. Seven cups of coffee??? I am a total coffee junkie, but I don't believe I've ever had SEVEN. Wow.

    It sounds like the holidays treated you well, overall.

    Happy New Year!

    PS-I finally, just barely, got around to answering your questions for the Q & A segment.


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