So, is everybody ready for Christmas? Pressies wrapped, stockings stuffed?

That bit I've managed, though food is another matter altogether. I tried exactly the same method of organising the food for Christmas last year and it didn't work then either. Pity I didn't remember that it didn't work last year until I realised that it wasn't going to work this year either. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I did the same thing the year before that too.

Will I elaborate a bit, oh alright then. Its simple enough, at the beginning of December I set a day aside, head out to the shops and spend the day buying a colossal amount of food. I mean a monstrously huge amount of food. The reasoning behind this is that it should mean that come the end of December I still have loads of food in the house and only have to pop out before Christmas to pick up fresh bits and pieces locally like milk, fruit and veg.

Of course that isn't what actually ends up happening because what looks like a colossal amount at food at the beginning of December always seems to end up being the perfect amount of food for a month so I have to go again. On the 23rd of December!

So we're just going to have to bite the bullet and try and get through it in one piece. The plan is that we'll head into Bangor and I'll do the dreaded Asda thing by my lonesome while Robert and Chloe get to do the fun stuff like go to Spice and taste all the lovely cheeses, they're under very strict instructions that they must get brie for mummy and none of that pasteurised muck either, I'd enough of that when I was pregnant thank you very much. Then of course, they'll probably tottle over to Heatherlea under the pretence of picking up some bread but they'll actually sit themselves down with something gooey and delicious and a mug of hot chocolate and watch the madness outside. All the while I'll do battle with Asda.

You see I really don't like shopping for food this close to Christmas, I can manage if I have to get a few bits locally but I hate Asda and Tesco because you just can't get the idea across to some people that they're not stocking up for World War III, the shops will open again in a mere three days and it probably isn't necessary for them to wrestle in the aisles over a loaf of bread. I'll just have to put my head down and get it over with.

With a bit of luck I'll manage to get back out again in time to join the family for some of that yummy hot chocolate.

In other news, it has finally snowed here in Ards

Which has made me feel really Christmassy but it also means that tomorrow I will have to walk Chloe down to school in the snow which means that I will slip and land on my arse, likely in the playground beside the P7s who will laugh and laugh and then Chloe will spend the day telling everyone that didn't see it happen while I spend the morning in work sitting on a radiator trying to dry my bum.

Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. I have been to the market more times than I care to admit this week. It is long lines...very long lines.
    But, for the most part the people are quite friendly.
    Even the rude ones are so rude that it is almost comical.
    It is a grand time of year to be out among the folks...if you can get yourself into the right frame of mind and not be all icky about the extra waiting.

  2. I was lucky and only had to go to Wal-Mart once in early December. I can't imagine having to go on Dec. 23, but I'm sure they will be packed with crazy people here as well. Have Robert tie a rope around your waist so he can pull you back out.

  3. I have an on-line order from tesco due to be delivered on Wednesday, so as long as he dies not get snowed in we will have enough food to see us through.

    Our kids all finished school on Friday :)

  4. We're sort of ready, except that the weather here is playing havoc with our plans, which means we can't commit to anything, which means everyone is tap dancing until we can solidify the weather.


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