Snippets and why kids shouldn't eat crackers in bed

  • Nothing beats lying on the grass, eating ice cream except maybe lying on dry grass, eating ice cream when it isn't raining. Still good though.

  • The peas are in and we've been picking and munching away on them. A single pea has yet to make it past the back door though and Chloe will only eat them if they're still in their pods. I'm glad I bought those delicate little plants instead of the woody big boys that taste like monkey nuts.

  • I've a website now, kind of, well it's getting there and for scatter brained little old me I think I've done alright so far.

  • I've cut my hair again. It is very, very short even by my standards. I'm plucking up the courage and waiting for whoever it is that is going on holidays and left their luggage hanging around beneath my eyes to come and collect it before I chance any photos.

  • My old faithful camera is very nearly knackered. I do not like the husband's canon as much as I did when it was merely a back up instead of my very soon to be only option.

  • I wonder how hard it is to fix a digital camera!

  • My mum's dog, the rottweiler, has taken to sleeping on Chloe's trampoline when he thinks no one is around to see him. Unfortunately twice now he's being doing that walking in circles thing that dogs do before lying down and he's obviously gotten up a bit too much speed and started to bounce, not been able to control it and vomited all over the thing. Hasn't stopped him climbing in there though.

  • When do sunflowers flower? Our plant just seems to like making more and more leaves and if it gets any taller we'll have to go upstairs and look out a window to see the flower if it ever does make an appearance.

  • Children left unattended after their bath are more than capable of sniping downstairs, grabbing a box of cheesy crackers, climbing back into bed again and eating half the box all in the length of time it takes to rinse out an average sized bath tub.

  • Cracker eating in bed will result in me having to endure the husband's dirty looks as he tries to wipe the cracker crumbs from the bed at half past midnight before giving up and plodding off downstairs in a sulk.

  • I slept in that bed all night, didn't feel a single crumb.

  • Sometimes I think I live with the princess of princess and the pea fame.

  • It occurs to me that if the "princess" had a hairy chest and hands like shovels, whether or not she could sleep in a bed with fresh produce would have been the least of the prince's worries.

  • And seriously how convoluted a plan was that whole pea under a gazillion mattresses thing anyway. Surely an easier way would have been to tell her she'd let herself go a bit. If she runs off crying then she's the delicate (if a bit high maintenance) little flower for you, if she lamps you one round the side of the head then it's probably time to start hanging out in singles bars again.

  • I thought bullet points were supposed to focus the mind and stop people prattling on endlessly about complete nonsense.

  • I probably shouldn't do too many posts like this.


  1. The dog and trampoline bullet made me giggle out loud. Also, your website link isn't working for me. :(

  2. The new site looks clean and sharp. I like it.

    Re: repairing a digicam... it's been my experience that they're so inexpensive these days (you can get a 8-10MP pocket sized one for under $200CDN, or around 100GBP) that repair often isn't worth it.


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